Structured Products for Private Banking clients


Structured products are offered to private banking clients in two forms - structured notes and structured deposits. While structured notes are essentially third party distribution products, structured deposits are ICICI Bank's own products. The key types of structured product(s) that are offered to private banking clients are indicated below:

1. Interest rate-linked products in the form of structured deposits

  • Step up products
  • Range Accrual products
  • Inverse floater products
  • Steepener products
  • Any variant with direct linkage to rates of interest
  • Variants of above having knockout / put features

2. Fx-linked products

  • Fx-linked deposits
  • Fx-linked range accrual products

3. Equity-linked products

  • Equity-linked deposits
  • Equity-linked range accrual products
  • Stock-based / Index-based structured products

4. Credit-Linked Structures

  • Credit-linked investments
  • First-to-Default Credit-linked investments
  • Any variant with direct linkage to credit

5.Hybrid products

  • Deposits linked to funds, hedge funds, fund of funds, fund ofhedge funds
  • Deposits linked to multiple asset classes (interest rates, forex,equity, credit, commodity, etc.)