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Corporate Online Tax FAQs

Where can the tax challan be downloaded from?

Tax Challan can be downloaded from Retail Internet Banking (RIB), Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) and iMobile app.

How can I get a Tax Payment access while opening account?

During account opening, if you opt for transaction access in Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) then “Tax Payment” access is provided by default.

Do we have Host-to-Host Services for Tax payment for corporates available in ICICI Bank?

Yes, Host-to-Host service for Tax Payment is available with ICICI Bank.

Do we have tax payment facility from iMobile app?Do we have tax payment facility from iMobile app?

Yes, Self Assessment Tax and Advance Tax can be paid through iMobile app.

Can I upload bulk transactions for direct tax through CIB?

Yes, through 'Bulk Tax Facility', you can upload bulk transactions.

Which taxes ICICI Bank is authorised to collect?

ICICI Bank is authorised to collect Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Custom Duty, GST and 15 specified states tax. For more information you can click here.

Can ICICI Bank collect State Tax?

Yes, ICICI Bank is authorised to collect tax for 15 states. For details, click here .

Can ICICI Bank collect Custom Duty?

Yes, ICICI Bank is authorized to collect custom duty. Customers can now select ICICI Bank on ICEGATE portal for making custom duty payments.

Can user approve or reject complete file under Bulk Tax Payment?

Yes, user can approve the bulk file uploaded by maker in a single go. Path: Tax Payment > Bulk Tax Payment > Bulk Tax File Approval > Approve or Reject Uploaded Files.

What are the channels for tax payment?

Currently, customer can make tax payment through Retail Internet Banking (RIB), Corporate Internet Banking (CIB), iMobile app, instaBIZ, Debit Card and offline.

Can an existing customer get bulk Tax Payment access?

Existing Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) customer (having bill payment access) can avail of bulk tax payment access through a simple Service Request(SR).

Is scheduling of transaction available for Tax Payment?

Yes, you can schedule tax payment for a later date.

Can I have only access to Tax Payment on CIB?

Yes, you can opt for only Tax Payment access on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB). However, then you shall not be provided access to RTGS, NEFT, Fund Transfer, etc.

What is Quick Tax Feature?

Through 'Quick Tax' payment, you can directly pay Direct tax on ICICI Bank website ( ) and need not go to NSDL website to pay tax. The same is available for Direct tax on CIB too.