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All About IELTS

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most popular english language test required for work, study and migration purposes. More than 11,000 organisations trust IELTS as a reliable indicator of true to life ability, to communicate in english. IDP IELTS has more than 1,400 test locations, across 56 countries. This includes more than 260 computer-delivered IELTS centres.

What is IELTS?

Delivered through either a computer or paper, IELTS is the only high-stakes language test recognised for migration, across Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. With a focus on human conversations, IELTS was a pioneer of four-skill level english language testing more than 30 years ago. IELTS continues to set the standard for english language testing, today.

IELTS Reading test
(60 minutes)

The IELTS Reading test requires you to answer 40 questions and is designed to test you on an array of reading skills. You are required to read the gist, main ideas, details, logical arguments, skim and figure out the writers’ attitudes, opinions and intentions.

IELTS Writing test

(60 minutes)

The IELTS Writing test requires you to complete two tasks, and covers topics of general interest based on the module you have opted.

IELTS Speaking Test   

(11-14 minutes)

The IELTS Speaking test assesses your spoken english skills. The test is recorded and conducted in three parts.


IDP IELTS India, delivers the paper-based IELTS test, four times a month or 48 times in a year and computer-delivered IELTS multiple days a week, with the flexibility to choose your own time slots. Booking your IELTS is simple and quick. You can register for either of the formats – paper–based or computer-delivered, with just a few clicks or visit your nearest IDP IELTS office and they can help you book it offline.


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