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  • ₹1
  • ₹1 Cr
  • 1 Year
  • 50 Years
  • 1%
  • 100%

Please note, these calculators are designed to provide you an approximate amount. Consult an advisor/tax consultant prior to investing.

Total amount invested




Total wealth accumulated


You will have to invest 1,015 per month to achieve your goal.


What is an SIP Calculator?

An SIP Calculator is an online tool that allows you to estimate the returns on your Mutual Fund investments, usually before you invest in them through one or more Systematic Investment Plans. It is simply a roadmap to help an investor seamlessly integrate SIP investments in his/her portfolio. However, the actual returns offered by a Mutual Fund scheme varies depending on various factors.

Advantages of Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

  • Real time investment insights

The Mutual Fund SIP Calculator offers real time insights by considering current stock values and projecting growth based on past performance. This feature ensures investors can access the latest information about their investments.

  • Maximises compounding benefits

By analysing Mutual Funds with consistent growth potential, the calculator helps investors maximise the benefits of compounding. It considers company research and background to identify opportunities for long term growth.

  • Strategic investment guidance

The SIP retrun calculator provides strategic guidance on SIP investment including diversification, optimal investment amount and duration. It ensures that investors can make informed decisions based on their financial goals and risk tolerance. 

  • Accessibility for all budgets

Even investors with limited funds can benefit from the calculator which suggests suitable products within lower price range. This accessibility ensures that investing in Mutual Funds is not limited to High Net worth Individuals.

  • Tailored investment plans

Personalised recommendations based on individual financial capabilities and preferences ensure investors receive tailored investment plans aligning with their specific goals and risk profiles.

  • User friendly with instant results

With its simple interface, the calculator makes it easy for investors to perform calculations and receive results instantly. This user friendly approach ensures that investors can quickly assess the potential returns on their investments.

  • Online access anytime, anywhere

Mutual Funds SIP Calculator is a convenient and affordable investment planning tool for investors which can be accessed anytime from anywhere through internet at zero cost.


How to use the SIP calculator of ICICI Bank?

Steps to use SIP Calculator for Target Amount

  • Start by choosing your investment amount, ranging from Re 1 to Rs 1 crore
  • Next, choose the type of investment - monthly SIP, quarterly or at once (a lump sum amount)
  • Next, choose the investment tenure that ranges from 1 to 50 years
  • Select the rate of interest that could range from 1% to 100% of your investment
  • ICICI Bank’s SIP Calculator will give you results based on your inputs. You will get an estimate for your total amount of investment, returns and total wealth accumulation.


Steps to use SIP Calculator for current investment amount

  • Choose your investment amount according to your financial capacity, with options ranging from Re 1 to Rs 1 crore
  • Decide whether you want to invest through monthly SIPs, quarterly payments or a lump sum amount, as per your convenience and financial goals
  • Choose a tenure that aligns with your investment objectives, with options ranging from 1 to 50 years
  • Customise your investment by selecting an interest rate that suits your risk appetite and financial expectations, with choices ranging from 1% to 100% ROI
  • Use ICICI Bank’s SIP Return Calculator to get accurate estimates for your total investment, projected returns and accumulated wealth.

How does the SIP Return Calculator work?

The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Return Calculator simplifies investment projections by estimating potential returns based on user inputs. By entering the investment amount, duration and expected rate of return, investors can quickly assess the future value of their investments. This user-friendly tool eliminates manual calculations, providing convenience to investors.

The calculator uses a standard formula that considers the compounded rate of return, investment duration and monthly SIP amount to accurately calculate the future value of the investment. It streamlines the process, enabling investors to make smart financial decisions and plan their financial goals effectively.

The SIP Return Calculator uses the following formula:

FV = P [(1+i)^n-1]*(1+i)/i


i - The compounded rate of return

n - The investment duration in months

P - The amount you invest monthly through SIP

FV - The future value of the investment


How can an SIP Calculator help investors?

An SIP Calculator acts like a financial guide. It takes the investment details - how much the investors are putting in regularly, for how long and the expected returns. It will then give the investors a glimpse into their financial future.

What details are required to use a SIP calculator online?

To use a SIP calculator online, you'll need a few key details:

  • Investment amount: The initial amount you plan to invest
  • SIP frequency: How often you'll make contributions (e.g., monthly)
  • Expected return rate: The anticipated annual growth rate of your investment
  • Investment tenure: The duration for which you plan to invest.

Once you input these details, the calculator will estimate your future earnings through Systematic Investment Planning.

What causes fluctuations in SIP interest rates?

SIP interest rates in India are majorly affected by market conditions, for example, how well the SIP mutual fund is performing in the current market. However, there are more factors which lead to fluctuations including interest rates, global financial events, and government regulations. Keeping in mind the various factors can help with SIP investments. 

SIP Calculator FAQs

Can an SIP calculator guarantee accurate future returns?

No, an SIP calculator cannot guarantee accurate future returns. It can provide estimates based on historical data and assumptions, but market conditions are unpredictable and investments carry risks. Actual returns may vary significantly from the calculator's projections, making it essential to use SIP calculators as a rough planning tool rather than a guarantee of future performance.

What is the importance of the expected rate of return in an SIP return calculator?

The expected rate of return in an SIP retrun calculator is crucial because it helps investors estimate their future wealth growth. A higher expected return can lead to a larger corpus, while a lower return may necessitate higher contributions. Accurate rate predictions are vital for setting realistic investment goals and making informed financial decisions.

How much can I invest in an SIP?

You can invest any amount in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), starting from as low as Rs 500 per month. There is no upper limit, providing flexibility to invest according to your financial goals and capabilities. Whether you are a conservative or an experienced investor, SIPs offer an accessible and customisable investment option.

What is the maximum tenure for an SIP?

The maximum tenure for an SIP generally ranges from 5 to 10 years. However, some Mutual Fund (MF) schemes may offer longer tenures depending on their investment objectives and policies. Longer tenures allow for the potential of compounding returns, offering investors the opportunity to accumulate wealth over time.

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Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all scheme related documents carefully. ICICI Bank Limited shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall resulting from the operations of the Mutual Fund scheme. Terms and conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply.