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2 mins Read | 5 Months Ago

What is Top up Fixed Deposit (FD) & Benefits of Top-up FD

How much you can earn through FD Monthly Interest


When it comes to safe investments, Fixed Deposits (FDs) are a preferred investment option for several investors as they offer secure and steady returns. However, this widely available option also comes with a unique feature called the Top-Up Fixed Deposit. If you're someone looking to maximise returns while maintaining the safety of a traditional FD, ICICI Bank’s Top-Up FD feature can be the best option for you.

Understanding the Top-Up FD feature

Investors often look for different options to maximise their returns and strengthen their financial strategies. The Top-Up Fixed Deposit feature emerges as a valuable option offering enhanced flexibility and greater potential for earning.

Let's get to know more about the Top-Up FD feature.

What is a Top-Up FD feature?

Let us understand the Top-Up FD feature with the help of the below scenarios:


Assuming a customer has an FD of Rs 1,00,000

Scenario 1

If a customer opts for a top-up of Rs 9,659 at the end of 2 years

Scenario 2

If a customer opts for a top-up of Rs 34,659 at the end of 2 years

Scenario 3

If a customer does not opt for the top-up feature

Investment amount

Rs 1,00,000

Rs 1,25,000

Rs 1,50,000

Rs 1,15,341


2 years

2 years

2 years

2 years

Rate of interest





Interest earned

Rs 15,341

Rs 19,176

Rs 23,011

Rs 17,694

Maturity amount

Rs 1,15,341

Rs 1,44,176

Rs 1,73,011

Rs 1,33,035

  • Let’s assume that a customer initially has an FD of Rs 1,00,000 with a tenure of 2 years and earns an interest of Rs 15,341 at the rate of 7.20. 
  • The customer has an option to renew the FD for the next 2 years before maturity or the customer can choose the Top-Up FD feature.
  • To explain the benefit of the Top-Up FD feature, we have considered 3 scenarios here. Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 explain the Top-Up FD feature considering a smaller amount and a higher amount, respectively.
  • Scenario 3 explains the situation where the customer has not opted for the Top-Up FD feature.
  • If the customer renews the FD without a top-up i.e. Scenario 3, the maturity amount earned for 2 years becomes the principal amount for the next 2 years and the final return on investment is Rs 1,33,035.
  • On the other hand, if the customer opts for the Top-Up FD feature (as explained in Scenario 1 & 2) before renewing his FD, the interest earned after the next 2 years is more than the one where the top-up has not been availed.

How to avail the Top-Up FD feature?

The Top-Up FD feature is accessible through Internet Banking. To avail, investors can navigate to the FD dashboard on Internet Banking or the FD section, where they will find the option to top-up their FDs.

The Top-Up FD feature can be availed through the steps given below:

  1. Visit ICICI Bank website
  2. Go to Internet Banking
  3. Log in and proceed to the Bank Account
  4. Select Deposits and go to the FD dashboard
  5. Click on Top-Up FD
  6. Specify the amount and confirm
  7. Your top-up is complete

Benefits of Top-Up FDs:

  • Invest funds at higher interest rates:
  • The top-up option allows you to invest more money at higher FD interest rates at the time of renewal.

  • Flexibility in choosing top-up amount:
  • You can choose the top-up amount as per your convenience.

  • Digital process:
  • The top-up process is completely digital and you can opt for it through RIB. All you need to do is go to the Deposits section after logging in, click on the FD you want to top-up, enter the top-up amount in the box provided and the same will be added to the maturity amount of the previous FD. As mentioned before, the top-up amount will only be debited once the FD tenure begins.

Is Top-Up FD a good choice?

If you have surplus funds, leveraging the top-up feature can help you enhance returns on the additional amount. This is beneficial when you have a lump sum to invest.

Additionally, the top-up feature proves advantageous when aligning the FD investment with specific financial goals. Whether you are planning for a major expense such as education, home purchase or extending the investment horizon, a top-up can enhance the FD's effectiveness in meeting objectives.


1. When can I avail the Top-Up FD feature?

The Top-Up FD feature can be availed within 30 days before the FD maturity date. You can use this timeframe to enhance your investments.

2. Can I modify the top-up amount?

Once the Top-Up FD feature is availed, the top-up amount cannot be modified. You are required to decide the additional amount carefully.

3. What if I have an insufficient balance in my Savings Account on the FD maturity date?

If there is an insufficient balance in your Savings Account on the FD maturity date, the FD will be auto-renewed with the maturity amount.

4. Will I get the benefit of top-up if I have opted for an FD auto closure?

If you have set the FD instruction as auto closure on maturity after topping up the FD, the FD closure proceeds get credited to the Savings Account on the maturity date, without the top-up amount getting debited.

Elevate your FD investment strategy

The Top-Up FD feature from ICICI Bank provides investors with a strategic tool to enhance their FD investments. Offering higher interest rates, flexible renewal options, and a user-friendly process, this feature allows investors to make the most of their financial portfolios. As investors navigate the landscape of personal finance, using features like Top-Up FDs can be a wise step toward achieving their wealth goals.

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