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Major focus areas

Making Zero Burning Villages

Zero Burning Villages

During fiscal 2023, reached out to more than 1,20,000 farmers across 853 villages, to encourage them to end the practice of stubble burning. The programme involved spreading awareness about the detrimental effects of Parali burning and providing alternatives for utilising the crop stubble to enrich the soil as raw material for producing CNG, extracting oil and making high quality cardboards. This initiative saved 498,285 acres of land from burning, curbing emissions of CO2 by 1.92 million tonnes and methane by 110,000 tonnes, according to the assessment provided by Punjab Agricultural University.

Further, 600 villages were declared ‘zero burning villages’ by Gram Panchayats or District Agriculture Officers of the villages.

Installation of Solar Power in Rural School

Solar power in rural schools

In fiscal 2023, identified and supported 30 rural schools in Meghalaya for installation of solar power facilities. Solar power is helping the schools run their computer classes without disruption. The schools are able to operate essential electrical equipment such as lights, fans, computers, projectors and charging stations for devices without interruption. This has helped improve the quality of education and learning outcomes for students with multimedia and digital resources as well as technology-led innovative teaching methods.

The initiative is thus empowering students, teachers and communities by providing access to clean and sustainable energy sources and yielding economic benefits for the schools

Supporting Ecological and Wildlife Conservation in Forests

Ecological and Wildlife conservation in forests

Worked towards ecological and environmental conservation and supporting sustainable livelihood of the people living in the periphery of forests. During fiscal 2023, the project has been extended to 42 forests and national parks across the country. The interventions in the forests include animal safety and healthcare, making water available for flora and fauna, habitat restoration and conservation, afforestation and prevention of soil erosion. The programmes aim at protection of carnivores, herbivores and other animals. ICICI Foundation is also assisting the communities in the surrounding villages through livelihood support, water management and initiatives to minimise their dependence on forests.

Installed solar-powered pumps at over 80 locations to operate bore wells, developed 2,245 acres of grassland and cleared weed from over 4,265 acres of land.

Creating Water harvesting potential

Water harvesting potential

Engaged with local authorities and administration to undertake projects relating to water conservation and rejuvenation of water bodies. ICICI Foundation has been running a rainwater-harvesting programme in schools since fiscal 2021. Till Mar 31, 2023, the programme has been implemented in 5,800 schools. ICICI Foundation also educates students about the importance of conserving water and its responsible use.

In fiscal 2022, ICICI Foundation had set up a spring water-harvesting unit to channelise the spring water through water pipes to four villages in Manipur. In fiscal 2023, 25 more spring water harvesting units, each with a storage capacity of 15,000 liters of water, were installed. This has made the forest dwellers realise the significance of forests in everyday life and become its protectors.

Blood Donation and Transportation support

Blood Donation and Transportation support

The requirement for blood outstrips the available supply. Shortage of blood in the blood banks is a cause of concern in India. Infrastructure and equipment available for handling collection and storage of blood is scarce. Further, there is an ongoing challenge of transporting blood from the camps to the blood banks across the country.

ICICI Foundation has been providing vehicles for transporting blood to bridge this gap. In fiscal 2023, 14 blood collection vehicles and 16 transportation vehicles were provided to hospitals. These vehicles, which are smaller compared to large patient vehicles, are equipped with blood storage facility to assist organisations in areas where large patient vehicles cannot travel.

Dialysis support

Dialysis support

ICICI Foundation has been working consistently to make dialysis affordable and accessible to kidney patients across India. It has been providing dialysis machines to hospitals that treat kidney patients at a nominal or no cost in the country, particularly in the smaller cities. Since inception of this initiative, more than 500 dialysis machines have been provided. This has supported nearly 300,000 dialysis sessions


Supporting Cancer treatment

ICICI Bank has committed to donate ₹12 billion from its CSR funds to Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), a premier institution that runs cancer treatment and research centres across the country. The funds will be utilised to set up three new buildings, covering a combined area of 7,50,000 square feet, at Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, Mullanpur in Punjab and Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The buildings will get equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The initiative which is likely to get completed by 2027, will enhance comprehensive cancer care services in different regions of the country by providing patients access to advanced and latest cancer therapies.

Enhancing productivity through Climate Smart Agriculture

Enhancing productivity through Climate Smart Agriculture

With an objective to sustainably increase productivity and incomes, help farmers adapt to climate change and reduce GHG emissions, where possible, ICICI Foundation has been promoting adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) mechanisms. This also helps farmers to respond effectively to adverse impact of climate change while enhancing crop productivity and thereby increasing their income. Under its Rural Livelihood Programme, ICICI Foundation has been supporting CSA since 2018 by promoting scientific methods of paddy cultivation in several states of India. It is helping paddy farmers increase productivity by deploying the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and the Alternate Dry and Wet (ADW) irrigation methods.

11 billion liters of water is saved annually through deployment of SRI and ADW methods. Over 2,240 farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are benefitted through this intervention.

Providing Skill training

Providing Skill training

With an aim of generating employment for underprivileged youth as part of a unique livelihood and skilling initiative, ICICI Academy for skills provides sustainable job opportunities for such youth through industry-relevant and job-oriented training. The training centres are equipped with state-of-the-art practical laboratories for imparting technical and non-technical skills through courses that are in collaboration with reputed institutions.

205,550 youth were skilled since inception until Mar 31, 2023 and 20,000 youth were trained in fiscal 2023.

Boosting income of LAC farmers

Boosting income of LAC farmers

Our commitment is to strengthen local ecosystems through its value chain-based projects and provide sustainable livelihoods to make villages self-sustaining. ICICI Foundation has been supporting the lac farmers of Jharkhand since 2020. The project provides the farmers with infrastructure and support for lac cultivation.

Positively impacted 4,430 beneficiaries and witnessed 60% increase in the average income of 2,200 tribals and forest dwellers where the intervention has been carried out for over a year.

Promoting Rural Infrastructure Development

Promoting Rural Infrastructure Development

Bridges built in hilly terrains provide villagers with better connectivity, which in turn, promotes school education, livelihood, technology transfer and conservation of natural resources.

In 2022, ICICI Foundation, in collaboration with Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO), initiated construction of bridges to improve connectivity in Uttarakhand. It completed building 15 pedestrian bridges in six districts of Uttarakhand in 2022 and another 55 in 2023. The Foundation extended the expanse of its work to other areas of the Himalayan region by building 13 bridges in Himachal Pradesh and 8 in Jammu and Kashmir in fiscal 2023.

Disaster relief in Assam

Disaster relief in Assam

ICICI Bank stood by the people of Assam by extending relief to the flood-hit people in fiscal 2023. Essential food supplies such as rice, pulses, mustard oil and puffed rice along with kitchen utensils were provided. Galvanised Iron (GI) sheets were provided for the reconstruction of roofs of damaged houses. Our efforts supported over 14,000 families

Promoting Financial literacy

Promoting Financial literacy

Financial literacy is essential to help individuals make informed decisions and manage their finances effectively. We organise regular financial literacy outreach programmes to educate people on financial management skills. Each programme is designed to cater to the specific needs of different groups within the community, such as low-income families or small business owners, professionals and corporate employees, etc. We collaborate with local schools, community centres and financial institutions to reach out to a wider audience through the programme. During fiscal 2023, the target audience included students, daily wagers, self-help groups, railway coolies and porters, Railway Protection Force (RPF), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), juveniles, physically challenged, transgenders, Anganwadi (rural childcare centre) workers, Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers, farmer groups, among others.

Our CSR Committee

Mr. Girish Chandra

Non-Executive (part-time) Chairman

Mr. Pradeep Kumar

Independent Director

Mr. Radhakrishnan

Independent Director

Ms. Vibha
Paul Rishi

Independent Director

Mr. Uday

Independent Director

Mr. Rakesh

Executive Director

Projects approved under the CSR Plan

Impact Assessment Reports

The Bank conducted impact assessment through external agencies out of which few projects were implemented through the ICICI Foundation and few projects were directly implemented by the Bank.

ICICI Foundation for
Inclusive Growth

The ICICI Foundation was set up in 2008 to further strengthen the Group’s legacy of promoting inclusive growth. ICICI Foundation focuses on high impact projects that are sustainable.

Success Stories

From challenges to success

I am quite confident of providing a bright future to my children. The road to comfort and happiness was filled with obstacles but ICICI Academy training gave me the strength to overcome them all.

Mrs. Deepali Giri

From a migrant labourer to a skilled technician

I came across a video on ICICI Academy for Skills, which brought a bright ray of hope in my life. I decided to join the ‘Multi Skilled Technician’ course. I found the 54 days of training extremely useful to learn the nuances of a technician’s job.

Mr. Ram Singh

Towards adopting sustainable practices of agriculture

The implementation of the Direct Seeded Rice method, has helped us reduce crop input cost and water consumption by a third. We are pleased that our yield has increased by almost 3 quintals per acre as compared to earlier methods of cultivation.

Mr. Satguru Singh