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Customer Service - Important Notices
1 Customer Facilitation Centre NEFT & RTGS
2 Availability of RTGS-NEFT through digital channels

Current Term / FCNR Deposits Rates

Term Deposits Rates for Below Rs.5.00 cr

Term Deposits Rate for Deposits of Rs.5.00 cr and above

4 Exchange of Coins & Notes
5 Exchange of Pre-2005 series Banknotes and Cash Handling Notice
6 Acceptance of Coins
7 List of Nodel agencies on "Beware of Fictitious Offers from abroad" at Branches for customer/staff awareness
8 Branch Service Timings
9 Magnifying glass for persons with low vision

Acknowledgement for Counterfeit note

Deliberately cut notes bank notes

11 Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate
12 Notice on cautioning public against placing deposits in dubious schemes
13 Security Notice
14 Customer Relations Policy
15 Limiting Customer Liability
16 Collateral Free Agri Loan Limit
17 Stay protected with our complimentary insurance cover - Savings Account
18 FX Retail
19 Restructured Weather based Crop Insurance scheme (RWBCIS)
20 Customer Notice CRM charging
21 Atal Pension Yojana - Citizen charter
22 RBI guideline Positive Pay System for CTS
23 Terms and conditions Salary Account
24 Social Engineering Fraud - notice
25 RBI - Guideline Introduction of Legal Entity Identifier for Large Value Transactions
26 IPO - Timings
27 NACH Clearing Notice
28 Change in RTA for equity shareholders
29 Consumer education for special mention accounts (SMA) and non-performing assets (NPA) classification
30 RBI Retail Direct Scheme
31 Rs. 2000 Denomination Banknotes withdrawal from circulation
33 Card Wise ATM Cash withdrawal limits
34 Penal Charges on Loan Accounts
Customer Service - Other Notices
1 Time Norms
2 Timings for Customer Transactions on RTGS / NEFT
3 Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
4 Availability of Nomination facility
5 Interest calculation on Deposits
6 RBI Guidelines for SA interest calculation
7 Regulations reg. PAN, TDS and Foreign Remittance
8 Interest rates of retail loans
9 Clean Note policy

Features of Currency notes

Release of new series of coins

11 Cheque collection policy
12 PLR and Base Rate
13 Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers January 2018

Code of Bank's Commitment to Micro and Small enterprises

Government schemes For MSMEs FPRs list for Branches


a) Know Your Customer

b) List of KYC Documents

16 Periodic Update of KYC documents as per RBI guidelines
17 Caution against fictitious offers of Remitting cheap funds Abroad
18 Locker Dormancy Notice
19 Guidelines for your ATM transactions
20 Servicing you Safely
21 List of Retail Bank Holidays State wise - 2023
22 DP Holidays (NSE / BSE) for the year 2023
23 RBI Phishing Notice - Customer Awareness
24 Deposit Policy
25 Policy holder servicing Time Period - IRDA guidelines
26 RBI Guidelines - Payment of Cheques Drafts Pay Orders Bankers Cheques
27 Customer Service Committee - Milap Meeting
28 Availability of AOFs in Hindi and other Regional languages
29 Changes in date for FD opened under Quantum Optima facility
30 Rights of Bank’s Customers - Pictorial Presentation of Basic Rights
31 Customer Rights Policy
32 Modification in ATM Cash withdrawal limits
33 Non Availability of ramp and Nearest Branch & ATM QR code
34 Guidelines for ATM transactions
35 Safe Banking at ATM
36 Do’s and Don’ts
37 Integrated ombudsman scheme by RBI
38 RBI guide on positive pay system
39 Failed ATM Transactions policy.
40 FAQ for ATM transactions