mRupee FAQs

1. What is Mobile Money Order?

Mobile Money Order is a Money transfer service from mRupee. It is presented by MMP Mobi Wallet Payment Systems Ltd., with ICICI Bank Ltd as the Principal Bank. With this facility any customer with an active mobile connection can send/ transfer money to any bank account (in India) by visiting the authorized mRupee agent. (Refer to the Terms and Conditions at >> Mobile Banking >> Mobile Money >> mRupee >> Terms & Conditions or for further details)

2. How can I get information about the Mobile Money Order service?

For more information please visit our website . Tata Docomo/ Tata Indicom customers can call 51111 and customers of other operator can call at 09222251111.

3. How can I use this service?

You can reach out to any authorized mRupee store. The agent will help you to start using this service.

4. I am not a Tata Docomo customer, can I transfer money?

Yes, you can transfer money, provided that you have an active mobile connection (irrespective of the operator).

5. Who is eligible to register for Mobile Money Order services?

Any Indian resident who is 18 years and above can register for Mobile Money Order services.

6. Do I need to produce any ID proof to send money?

No ID or address proof is required. Although you need to provide your basic details to the agent at mRupee store, like full name, complete address and your active mobile number in order to register your name one time as a sender. It is a one time registration.

7. Do I need to register the beneficiary for using this service?

Yes the beneficiary needs to be registered by the sender with mRupee agent - during first transaction. Share the details (such as name, bank account number, IFSC code) of the beneficiary with the mRupee agent. Registration will not be required next transaction onwards to send money to the same beneficiary.

8. Do I need to register beneficiary name, every time for any transaction?

No, once a beneficiary is registered, you only need to furnish your registered mobile number. You can change/ remove/ add the beneficiary based on your requirement.

9. How many beneficiaries can I add in an account?

Total 8 beneficiaries can be added at any point in time.

10. In how much time receiver will get the money?

Minimum of 2-3 hours, this would be subject to NEFT timelines.

11. What are the NEFT Transaction timings? Excluding all public / bank holidays

Transaction TimingsNEFT
Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Saturdays 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM

(However, kindly note that in order to ensure that you do not miss the last NEFT batch, you must complete your transaction at the authorized mRupee store not later than 30 minutes before the closure of NEFT timings (as above).

12. Do I get any alert when money is transferred?

Yes, sender will get an alert over SMS.

13. Do I get an intimation when the amount is credited into the beneficiary's account?

Yes, sender will get an alert over SMS once amount is credited to beneficiary's account

14. Do I need to pay while registering with Mobile Money Order?


15. What are the charges for Money Transfer?

Following are the charges for money transfer

Sr. NoTransaction TypeFee
1 Upto Rs. 1,000 Rs. 20.00
2 Rs. 1000.01 to Rs. 5000 2.00%
3 Rs. 5000.01 to Rs. 10000** Rs.100
4 Rs. 10000.01 to Rs. 15000** Rs. 150
5 Rs. 15000.01 to Rs. 20000** Rs. 200
6 Rs. 20000.01 to Rs. 25000** Rs. 250
7 Profile Creation Fee ZERO
** Applicable for fund transfer to same beneficiary account by same remitter during a calendar day

16. How do I pay the above charges?

You need to pay the fee for your transaction (in cash) to the mRupee agent at the authorized mRupee store over and above the amount to be transferred to the beneficiary.

17. Where will I get details of various fees and charges in case of any changes?

You will get the details of exact fee, payable for the first time registration as well as transaction fee from the mRupee agent at the authorized mRupee store. These details are also available at and >> Mobile Banking >> Mobile Money >> mRupee >> Fee & Limits.

18. How do I find the authorized agents of this service?

You can call the call center. Tata Docomo/ Tata Indicom customer can call at 51111 and customer of other operators call at 09222251111.

19. Can I view details of past transactions?

Yes. Please visit any authorized mRupee store and provide your mobile number to the mRupee agent. He will help you to get details of your previous transactions for last 4 transactions.

20. I wish to transfer my mobile number prepaid to postpaid, will the Mobile Money Order account get transferred as well?

As long as you use the same number, you need not register again.

21. How much money can I transfer in one time?

Rs. 5,000 per transaction

22. Is there any limit for sending money in a month?

Rs. 25000 in a month is the limit.

23. What is the minimum amount that I can do a transaction for?

Rs. 100

24. How does Mobile Money Order work?

You can use it in simple steps:

Step-1 : Register & Activate: Walk into the nearest authorized mRupee store and ask the agent for availing the services. Complete the Enrollment process by providing your full name, complete address, your active mobile number etc.

Step-2 : Add beneficiary: After enrollment, you need to provide details of the beneficiary bank account like beneficiary name, beneficiary's correct account number, beneficiary bank IFSC code/ location of the beneficiary bank etc. You will get a One Time Code (OTC), on your registered mobile as a text message, which you need to share with the mRupee agent so that the required beneficiary can be added.

Step-3 : Deposit Cash: Hand over the cash to the mRupee agent for transfer of the same to the required beneficiary's bank account. The mRupee agent would initiate the money transfer transaction, based on which you would receive another One Time Code (OTC) which needs to be shared with the mRupee agent. The mRupee Agent would enter the same in the system to complete the transaction. You would then receive a text message on your registered mobile number with the transaction ID, amount transferred etc.

25. How do I delete a beneficiary from my profile?

Please visit any authorized mRupee store and share your registered mobile number. mRupee agent will help you to do the needful. You will only need to share a "One Time Code (OTC)" with the agent, which will be sent on your mobile once the request is registered by him.

26. How do I get a refund of the remitted money in case the amount is not credited to the account as per details given by me?

For this you need to follow steps mentioned :-

  • Kindly visit any authorized mRupee store and provide your mobile number
  • The agent at the authorized mRupee store would check the status of the transaction and inform you about the failed transaction and reason for failure.
  • You can either re-initiate the transaction (in cases where failure is due the technical reason like the internet connection was not working etc.) or ask for a refund.
  • Based on your reply, the mRupee agent would initiate the request for refund of transaction amount.
  • You would then receive a 4 digit OTC on your registered mobile number.
  • Provide this OTC to the mRupee agent, he would enter the same in system to process your request.

27. What details do I need to provide while calling customer care for query regarding a particular transaction?

You need to provide the transaction ID for the specific transaction.