ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card

Get your Indian Rupee Prepaid Travel Card before you get your flight to India.

  • Load Indian Rupees on the Prepaid Travel Card at competitive exchange rates
  • Spend in Indian Rupees using the Travel Card securely
  • Track your expenses with online access and e-mail alerts
  • Advantage of a Secondary Card for emergency use

Indian Rupee Travel Card

If you are planning a trip to India, you have probably looked for a good deal on the holiday package. The one thing you cannot do beforehand is buy Indian Rupees. But you can get an Indian Rupee Prepaid Travel Card before you get to India.
Load your ICICI Bank Indian Rupee Travel Card before you fly and use it to spend Indian Rupees securely when on holiday in India. You can also control your expenses with free transaction e-mail alerts and online access to a separate Indian Rupee Travel Card account.


  • Load Indian Rupees on your Card at competitive exchange rates for free.
  • Get prevailing exchange rates when loading or reloading ₹ on your Card.
  • Withdraw money from any of over 6,000 ICICI Bank ATMs in India for free.
  • Get a free Secondary Card for emergency use.
  • Benefit from selected special offers and discounts. (Click here to know more)


  • Get your Card instantly at the time of application in the United Kingdom (UK) - subject to identity verification.
  • You can load your Card while in UK and reload when in India.
  • Use your Card at any merchant outlet that accepts Visa across India.
  • Shop online through websites that are Verified by Visa (VBV).
  • Load or reload your Card for up to a maximum of 50,000 at any time using your nominated UK bank account.
  • If your Primary and Secondary Cards are lost or stolen you can request for additional Cards by calling us while in India. (See schedule of charges)


  • Keep a track of all your expenses with online access to your Card details, statements and account balance.
  • Get free email alerts on transactions and reloads (optional text alerts at a charge).
  • Change your PIN at over 6,000 ICICI Bank ATMs in India.
  • Your Card will automatically close after 170 days from the date of the first credit and any balance remaining will be transferred to your nominated UK bank account.


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