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ICICI Bank Expressions Gift Card FAQs

1. How to use Gift Card?

Expressions Gift Card can be used for all online transactions. Physical Gift Card can be used at any Visa enabled merchant outlet as well. CUG Gift cards can be used only on the particular CUG website (For example: Amazon Gift Card can be used only on Amazon website) Please note: Gift card amount cannot be refunded or transferred or used for ATM cash withdrawal transaction.

2. How much amount can be loaded in Gift Card?

Minimum ₹500 up to a maximum of ₹9,500 can be loaded in the Gift Card. Gift Card cannot be loaded more than once.

3. How to make payment?

Available only for ICICI Bank Account holders. Payment can be done using iMobile (Android only) and Internet Banking

4. What is the validity period?

ICICI Bank Expressions Gift Card is valid for 1 year.

5. How to check balance of Gift Card?

  • Available balance is displayed in every transaction alert.
  • Customer can also view balance through Self Care Portal:
  • Balance on physical Gift Card can be enquired through any ATM

6. What are the fee & charges levied on buying Gift Card?

₹50/- will be charged for ordering physical Gift Card

7. What about the available balance on the card after the card has expired?

If available balance is more than ₹199, place a request at our Customer Care for a replacement card. The new card will be issued and balance will be transferred within 11 working days. Replacement charges are ₹199+GST.

8. What should I do if I lose my Gift card?

ICICI Bank Gift Card comes with zero lost-card liability. Hence report loss of the card immediately to Customer Care. The card will be blocked & a replacement card can be sent on request. Replacement charges are ₹199+GST.