You can load your ICICI Bank Travel Card in India with foreign currency for an amount of your choice by paying in rupees, and use it to transact in any currency all over the world. Once you return to India, you can refund any amount remaining or could recharge it before going on your next visit.


You can enjoy the delightful tourist spots, dine out, and take in the breathtaking landscape and exotic culture of the country without worrying about money changers and converting your traveller's cheques into local currency. Travel card will make the traveling experience more memorable with hassle free, secure modest way of transaction

Easy Purchase

Through ICICI Bank branches or select authorized Money Changers. For a location nearest to you, call up our Customer Care center. Pay in rupees, buy across the counter ICICI Bank Travel Card in the currency of your choice#.


You can also buy ICICI Bank Travel Card online and it will be delivered at your doorstep*, Click at Buy Online to know more.


*Presently, the delivery of ICICI Bank Visa Travel Card is available only in 13 major cities of the across the country
#Subject to RBI regulation and on submission of necessary documents.

Easy Shopping

The ICICI Bank Travel Card can be used to shop at over 30 million VISA affiliated Merchant outlets accepting cards while there are millions accepting MasterCard.


The ICICI Bank Travel Card comes with the powerful membership privileges of VISA/MasterCard which will be a perfect complement for the customer's shopping experience and lifestyle. So there is no need to carry cash. Besides, there are no charges for using the card at Merchant Establishments.


The card cannot be used in India, Nepal and Bhutan.


Easy Cash Withdrawal

Access to millions of VISA/MasterCard flagged ATMs all over the world. Although the card may be in the base currency i.e. currency with which it was loaded, you can withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in.

Free Replacement Card along with Primary Card

A Replacement card is issued along with the Primary Card absolutely free of cost, as part of the same Travel Card Kit. This ensures that in case of loss/theft of the Primary card, customers don't have to wait for the Replacement Card to be couriered.



The customer simply needs to call up the ICICI Bank call centre or 24X7 International toll free numbers and get the balance transfer on the replacement card. The ATM and WEB PIN can also be generated through the call centre.

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts for each and every transaction act as a very powerful security feature in case there is a misuse of the card. Customers will receive the SMS alerts for each financial transaction done on their cards from bank time to time on their registered Indian Mobile Number.


Customers are advised to fill up the same while filling application form or also can register by calling ICICI Bank Customer Care anytime.

Online Account Access

Customers can have online access to the card details. Card balance, Card statement, Card blocking etc are some of the features available online.


Logon to

Internet Transactions

  • Your ICICI Bank Travel Card is pre-activated for online transactions
  • Log on to the international merchant website
  • Select Credit Card as the mode of payment
  • Enter Card details and billing information
  • Confirm to make payment

Easy Refund

At the nearest ICICI Bank branch or Money Changer. The customers need to fill up a refund form and provide other necessary documents as per RBI requirement. The money will be refunded immediately to customers account or through other mode of payments as per the prevailing exchange rates applicable on the day of refund. Customers can also request for your foreign exchange refund certificate.

Easy Reload

Easy Reload on the existing card with an additional amount before the next trip. Customers can visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch or authorised money changer. After proper documentation, the card can be reloaded.

Remote Reloading

Customers can remotely reload their Travel Card even when abroad. For this customers need to follow the below process:

  • Leave a signed copy of the Reload Form and authorization with family
  • Family member walks into nearest ICICI Bank Forex Branch or authorized Money Changer with Reload Form
  • On submission of these documents and receipt of payment, the Card would be reloaded

Easy Replacement

All the customers need to do is just call up the 24-hour Customer Care center and request for hot listing the Primary Card and activation of the Replacement Card. In case the customer lose the Replacement Card also, the existing card will be blocked and a replacement card along with its ATM-PIN along with Web-PIN will be couriered to the customer within 48 hours*.


The customer has zero liability from the time they report the loss of the card to ICICI Bank Customer Care centre. As a security measure, the new card will be sent to the customer in a deactivated state. Customer need to call up our Customer Care and confirm receipt of the card in proper condition to activate it.


* In select locations serviced by our courier

Cross Currency Transactions

When you transact in any currency other than the card currency (USD), you receive favourable exchange rate* from all our network partners, VISA & MasterCard.


*There will be a currency conversion markup of 3.50% plus service tax levied by the Bank as applicable.

Preferential Exchange Rates

Preferential Exchange rates are useful when customers purchase/recharge their card or when they use it for transactions. When they transact in any currency other than the card currency, they will receive Preferential Exchange Rates is useful when customers purchase/recharge their card or when they use it for transactions.


When you transact in any currency other than the card currency (USD), you receive favourable exchange rate* from all our network partners, VISA, MasterCard. 

* There will be a currency conversion markup of 3.50% plus service tax levied by the Bank as applicable.

Security Features

All cash transactions on the card are protected by the personal 4 digit ATM-PIN. All purchases at merchant outlets are protected by the signature on the card. The card also comes with Zero Lost Liability. (See Easy Replacement-Zero Liability)

Comprehensive Travel Insurance*

Complimentary Travel Insurance (Policy no. 4049/72244503/04/000) with maximum covers as mentioned below:



Personal Air Accident Cover - Death only

Rs. 10,00,000

Missing of connecting International flight during transit

USD 300

Loss of travel documents (Passport, Visa, Tickets)

USD 500


Max Up to USD 3,000

Delay in receipt of checked baggage

USD 300

Lost Card Liability insurance Cover

Rs. 2,00,000

Counterfeit Card Liability insurance Cover

Rs. 2,00,000


*Terms & conditions Applicable
For insurance claims, please contact ICICI Lombard General Insurance on toll free number: 1800-2666 or write us at