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Unable to open zero balance savings account

I am trying to open a zero balance savings account and thus did all the formalities of putting my aadhar number but it says that it is unable to reach at this moment.. i am eagerly waiting for my Zero Balance Savings Account to open and start saving

Worst CC employee and service

They call you and ask that do you want your limit to increase then they charge you fucking 2500 for joining fee which is nowhere mentioned. I am going to leave this bank as soon as my CC is resolved. You guys suck the best.

Unable to Redeem

Dear Mr. Tank, we have made a note of your concern. Our official will contact you and assist. Regards, ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

Unable to Redeem

Hello, As Icici bank didnt update my mobile number and email id in payback. im unable to generarte pin and redeem my 20k points. i m incurring loss due to icici, and i need my money urgently

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