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Insta Save Account - Instant Savings Account

We value your time. Keeping this in mind we have designed Insta Save Account, an Aadhaar based instant savings account for you.

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Instant Account Opening


No Balance Commitment on opening a Fixed Deposit


Exciting Offers

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Platinum Chip Debit Card

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Platinum chip Credit Card#

Features & Benefits of Insta Save Account

  • Open a Savings Account with a Fixed Deposit instantly online using Aadhaar
  • Open FD of min Rs.10,000 for 12 months and enjoy the benefits of a Savings Account with no balance commitment
  • An assured complimentary Credit Card with a limit of up to 90% on the FD created
  • Get 24x7 access to banking services with iMobile App
  • Enjoy exciting offers on Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Swiggy, Eros Now, PharmEasy and more brands**
  • Get a Platinum Debit Card and earn reward points on spends
  • All your Platinum Debit Card benefits now safely available on your iMobile using the Virtual Debit Card facility
  • Complete your verification through Video KYC and get a full-fledged Digital Account



*Opening of Insta Save Account in 4 minutes is contingent upon the Customer keeping all relevant and necessary documents handy, and is subject to any delays/failures caused due to technical/operational reasons, the Customer meeting the eligibility criteria, as stipulated by these terms and conditions, and/ or any other factor beyond the control of ICICI Bank.
**Terms and Conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. ICICI Bank is not responsible for third party products, goods, services and offers. Nothing contained herein shall constitute or be deemed to constitute an advice, invitation or solicitation to purchase any products/services of third party.

Insta Save Variants

 Insta Save AccountInsta Save FD Account
Monthly Average Balance Rs. 10,000/- Nil (If opted for an FD of 10,000 for 1 year)
ATM 5 free ATM withdrawals at any banks’ ATM every month 5 free ATM withdrawals at any banks’ ATM every month
Debit Card* Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card with exciting offers and Visa Privileges Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card with exciting offers and Visa Privileges
Reward points 1 PAYBACK Point from ICICI Bank Rewards, on every Rs 200 spent using your ICICI Bank Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card 1 PAYBACK Point from ICICI Bank Rewards, on every Rs 200 spent using your ICICI Bank Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card
Debit Card Charges Rs. 150 p.a. Rs. 150 p.a.
Credit Card NA Platinum Chip Credit Card
Credit Card Charges NA No Charges
Air Accident Insurance Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 50,000/-
Purchase Protection Rs. 50,000/- Rs. 50,000/-
Internet/ Mobile Banking Free Free
Email Statements Free Free
  *Taxes at prevailing rates as per Govt rules shall be applicable over and above the mentioned charges. The charges indicated above are subject to periodic revision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Insta Save Account

What is Insta Save Account by ICICI Bank?

It is a fully digital Savings Account which can be opened from any place of your convenience, safely with no need of stepping out and visiting a branch. You can get your account details instantly. You can start using iMobile/Internet Banking instantly. You can complete your KYC instantly using Video KYC and remove transaction limitation on your account. Till KYC verification, the account can have maximum balance of INR 1 lakh and cumulative inflows of INR 2 lakh. KYC can be done through biometric by visiting any ICICI Bank branch or we can schedule a visit by our officer at your place. KYC verification needs to be done within 1 year of account opening.

How long does it take to get an ICICI Bank Insta Save Account?

It takes only 4 minutes to get your ICICI Bank Insta Save Account.

  • Enter your phone number, e-mail ID and PAN
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and basic demographic details
  • Review and it’s done, check your account number, IFSC, branch details here
  • Journey could not be completed? Start from where you left

What is KYC verification?

As per RBI guidelines, you need to do your KYC verification (Biometric or KYC verification) within one year of account opening.

  • Post KYC verification, your account becomes a normal Savings Account with limits of Rs 1 lakh account balance and cumulative inflows of Rs 2 lakh getting removed
  • For KYC verification, you can opt for video KYC during Insta Save journey or within 72 hours of account opening. Click Here to complete your video KYC
  • Biometric can be done by visiting any ICICI Bank branch or we can schedule a visit.

How can I fund my ICICI Bank Insta Save Account?

You can add money/fund during account opening journey itself.

  • Post account opening, you can use IMPS, NEFT, UPI, RTGS and cheque to fund your account
  • Your account details are sent on your e-mail, in case you missed, check your account details

Get started with ICICI Bank Mobile Banking app: iMobile

  • Access 250+ banking services from anywhere
  • Step 1 Download iMobile from App Store/Play Store
  • Step 2 Enter OTP sent on your registered number
  • Step 3 Set a PIN of your choice
  • Step 4 Enter your user ID, password (if you don't have one, click on Get Password)

Check out Internet Banking from ICICI Bank

  • Log in to
  • Enter your user ID and password (Get one, if not generated yet)
  • Explore exciting deals, discounts, services and products from ICICI Bank
  • We have made this video to help you bank safe with ICICI Bank Internet Banking Click Here

Debit Card

  • Use Virtual Debit Card on iMobile for shopping/transacting online
  • Virtual Debit Card can be accessed on iMobile immediately post account opening
  • Physical Debit Card is sent to you through courier and it reaches within 7 days of account opening
  • Generate your Debit Card PIN digitally through iMobile (Service >Card PIN service> Debit/ Credit Card PIN generation
  • Debit Card domestic daily spending/withdrawal limit of Rs 1,00,000/ Rs 50,000
  • Block/Unblock/Set transaction limit on your Debit Card through iMobile (Service section >Card Services)
  • Explore exclusive offers across groceries, medicine, entertainment and much more. Explore now at Click Here

Cheque book with Insta Save Account:

  • Your cheque book will be dispatched to your communication address once you have successfully completed your KYC verification (Biometric or through Video KYC)
  • You can opt for Video KYC from your place within 48 hours of account opening
  • You may visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch for biometric verification.
  • Cheque book request can also be placed from iMobile post KYC verification (iMobile> Services> Cheque Book Services)

Pay essential payments safely without the need to step out:

  • Pay your Electricity, Gas, Insurance, Mobile, DTH Credit Card using Bill Pay
  • Exciting cashback on first bill payment
  • Fund transfers using UPI, IMPS, RTGS, NEFT
  • Experience cardless withdrawal using iMobile

We are always at your service

  • Banking services using WhatsApp (+91 8640086400 for English, or 9324953010 for Hindi).
  • Call our Customer Care 1860 120 7777/+1 210-677-0065
  • Want to find nearest ICICI Bank branch? Click Here

For Terms and Conditions, please Click Here

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