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2 mins Read | 1 Month Ago

What is the Auto Sweep Facility - Benefits & how it works

Auto Sweep Facility

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Ever wished your savings could do more than sit idle in your Bank Account? Well, you can now take advantage of the Auto Sweep Facility, a dynamic financial tool that safeguards your funds and ensures they work actively for you. In this blog, we will discuss the meaning of the Auto Sweep Facility, its benefits and how it works, helping you make the most of your savings.

Understanding the Auto Sweep Facility

The Auto Sweep Facility revolutionises traditional banking by seamlessly integrating Savings and Fixed Deposit (FD) Accounts. This innovative feature offers the best of both worlds, allowing your idle funds to earn higher interest rates while remaining readily accessible whenever needed. Auto Sweep sets a predetermined threshold for your Savings Account Balance. When the balance exceeds this threshold, the surplus amount is automatically transferred to a Fixed Deposit Account, where it earns a more lucrative interest rate.

How does the Auto Sweep Facility work?

The benefit of Auto Sweep lies in its convenience and efficiency. As your Savings Account Balance surpasses the predefined threshold, the excess funds are quickly ‘swept out’ into an FD Account, which can grow at a higher interest rate. It ensures that your money does more for you, maximising your returns without requiring intervention.

On the other hand, if your Savings Account Balance falls below the threshold, the Auto Sweep feature seamlessly ‘sweeps in’ the amount needed from the FD, back into your Savings Account, ensuring liquidity and accessibility.

For example, you have a Savings Account with the Auto Sweep feature and a predetermined threshold of Rs 10,000. If you deposit Rs 30,000 into your Account, Rs 20,000 will automatically be transferred to an FD, while the remaining Rs 10,000 sits in your Savings Account. Both Accounts continue to earn interest, optimising your returns.

Benefits of the Auto Sweep Facility

1. Higher Interest Earnings

Auto Sweep amplifies your interest earnings by efficiently directing surplus funds into FDs, offering significantly higher interest rates than traditional Savings Accounts. This strategic allocation ensures that your idle funds are actively working to generate maximum returns, ultimately bolstering your overall savings growth and financial stability.

2. Zero Penalty on Withdrawals

Unlike conventional options that often impose penalties or have stringent lock-in periods, Auto Sweep Accounts allow hassle-free access to funds swept into FDs. This flexibility ensures that you can readily withdraw your money whenever needed without any penalties or restrictions, enhancing your financial liquidity and convenience.

3. Flexibility

With its automatic fund allocation mechanism, Auto Sweep offers unparalleled flexibility in managing your finances. By seamlessly channelling excess funds into FDs without manual intervention, this feature optimises fund utilisation, ensuring your money is always deployed most efficiently to meet your financial goals and aspirations.

4. Enhanced Wealth Management

Particularly advantageous for individuals with substantial savings, Auto Sweep facilitates superior wealth management by maximising returns on idle funds while maintaining liquidity for immediate financial requirements. This innovative feature empowers you to balance long-term wealth accumulation and short-term financial needs perfectly, elevating your overall financial health and well-being.

Things to keep in mind when opting for the Auto Sweep Facility 

1. Know your financial habits

Before you opt for Auto Sweep, it's essential to understand your financial habits. Take a moment to consider how often you find yourself with extra cash sitting idly in your Savings Account. If you typically have surplus funds, Auto Sweep can be a wise choice to make your money perform more for you.

2. Watch your withdrawals

Another crucial factor to consider is your withdrawal habits. Reflect on how frequently you need to access funds from your Savings Account. If you make frequent withdrawals, you may find better fits for your needs than Auto Sweep. This facility is more suitable for individuals who make fewer withdrawals, allowing their excess funds to accumulate and earn higher interest through FDs.

3.Check Interest Rates

Take time to compare the interest rates offered on your Savings and FD Accounts. Ensure that the potential increase in interest earned through Auto Sweep justifies any associated limitations or requirements. By understanding the interest rates, you can decide whether Auto Sweep aligns with your financial goals.

4. See if there is a Minimum Balance requirement

Some banks may require you to maintain a Minimum Balance in your Savings Account to qualify for Auto Sweep. It is essential to check if you can meet this Minimum Balance requirement to continue enjoying the benefits of Auto Sweep. You can avoid any interruptions in accessing the Auto Sweep Facility by ensuring that you meet the Minimum Balance criteria.

5. Keep your goals in mind

Lastly, always keep your financial goals in mind when choosing Auto Sweep. Consider what you aim to achieve with your money, whether saving more for the future or earning extra interest without locking your funds away. By aligning Auto Sweep with your financial objectives, you can maximise this facility.

Auto Sweep Facility with ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers a hassle-free Auto-renewal Facility for sweep-in FDs. This feature seamlessly combines liquidity with high returns, allowing you to enjoy the flexibility of your Savings Account while maximising earnings through FDs.

Additionally, if your Savings Account Balance falls below Rs 75,000, FDs created with the sweep-out facility are broken down into units of Rs 5,000 to minimise interest loss. With this innovative solution, your funds continue to work for you effectively, ensuring steady growth and financial stability.


The Auto Sweep Facility revolutionises banking by seamlessly integrating liquidity and higher returns for dormant funds. With this innovative feature, you can optimise the value of your savings, paving the way for financial empowerment and security. It is a game-changer that ensures your money does not sit idle but works to bolster your financial well-being. Take your first step towards maximising your savings potential with the help of the Auto Sweep Facility. 

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