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FD Card

FD Card offers an instant Credit Card with Fixed Deposit (FD). Choose from 3 variants of Credit Cards basis your life stage requirement. With 90% of your FD amount as limit on your Credit Card, enjoy liquidity on the go for your requirements. You can open online FD Card by logging in to ICICI Bank Internet Banking or iMobile app today.

Type of deposit

  • FD Card should be of a minimum amount of Rs 10,000 with a tenure of over 6 months.
  • FD Card to be opened in auto renewal mode only.
  • The FD can be opened as a Cumulative FD (interest reinvestment) or a Traditional FD (interest payout option).


  • FD Card can be opened by resident individuals only i.e. FD account holder where the mode of holding is either single or joint.

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Type of Credit Cards available

  • Customer can get a free instant Platinum Credit Card issued against their Fixed Deposit from any ICICI Bank branch.
  • Apply for an ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card against Fixed Deposit and avail of extra rewards on transactions.
  • Feature-rich ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card against Fixed Deposit, catering to premium benefits in lifestyle, entertainment and travel.

To know more about the Cards or to apply online, click on the options below:

Duration of deposit

  • FD Card will be available on FDs opened with a minimum tenure of 6 months.

Amount of deposit

  • The minimum FD value required to avail of Credit Cards is as follows:
Credit Card variantMinimum FD amount (Rs)
ICICI Bank instant Platinum Credit Card 10,000
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card against Fixed Deposit 30,000
ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card against Fixed Deposit 75,000

Rate of interest

  • The FD will earn prevailing fixed interest rates as applicable for the deposit period for which the deposit was opened.

Tax treatment

  • Interest earned on the deposit will be subject to Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).

T&C apply

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for FD Card

What is FD Card?

FD Card is combo product wherein customer is eligible for a complimentary instant Credit Card against Fixed Deposit.

Feature rich Coral Credit Card is also available against FD.

How to apply for FD Card deposits?

Customer can invest for FD Card through branch. FD Card is also available on Retail Internet Banking/iMobile.

What are the benefits of FD Card?

Benefits of FD Card are as follows:

  • FD Card offers customers the safety of FD and liquidity through Credit Card.
  • Instant Credit Card helps to build/improve credit history.

What is the eligibility for FD Card?

FD amount should be of Rs 10,000 and above.

FD should be in auto renewal mode.

What is the interest rate on FD Card?

Interest rate on FD Card is the same as offered on standard FD.

How much amount can be deposited in FD Card?

FD Card can be opened for minimum amount of Rs 10,000.

How to invest in an FD Card?

Customer can invest for an FD Card through the branch. FD Card is also available on Internet Banking/iMobile. 

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What is the minimum investment amount in FD Card?

FD Card can be opened for minimum amount of Rs 10,000.

Disclaimer : Get a credit card with no joining and renewal fees.

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