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What iFinance brings to You?

Track inflows and outflows

View top spending categories

100% secured view of transactions

Download statements

Enhance your banking experience with iFinance

Instant Access

Instant Access


All Bank accounts at one place

Analyse Financial Health

Analyse Financial Health

Monitor income and expenses

Transaction Highlights

Transaction Highlights

Personalised view of debit, credit and merchant transactions


Discover Financial Insights


  1. Category-wise spending summary

  2. Cumulative income and expenses

  3. Top 5 debit and credit transacations

How to Activate iFinance?

  • iMobile Pay App
  • Net Banking
  • 01. Click on Accounts & FD/RD -> iFinance
  • 02. Link Acounts via Onemoney -> Select banks/bank accounts
  • 03. Verify accounts via OTP
  • 04. Track all your banks accounts at one place
  • 01. Click on Bank Accounts -> iFinance
  • 02. Link Acounts via Onemoney -> Fetch my account -> Select bank account -> Verify with OTP
  • 03. Track all your banks accounts at one place

Link All Bank(s) accounts | ICICI Bank Introducing iFinance| iMobile Pay App

Link All Bank(s) accounts | iFinance | ICICI Bank Internet Banking

iFinance FAQs

What is iFinance?

iFinance is a feature available on ICICI Bank digital platforms such as Internet Banking and Mobile app (for both individual and self-employed segments). It is powered by our Account Aggregator Technical Service (through Financial Information Providers or FIPs), which lets you fetch and view information of all your Accounts linked to your registered mobile number, held at other banks as well. iFinance offers a comprehensive view of your statements, including bank balances, top spending and income categories, expenses, expense breakdowns, daily inflows and balance analyses.

Why should I connect my other bank Accounts to my ICICI Bank app?

It has been a challenge for customers to visit different banks’ branches or navigate through different banking apps to access Account related information. iFinance brings you a one-stop digital solution to get a consolidated view of all your Bank Accounts and balances, in a single window. It also offers a summary and analysis of your income and expenses, where and how you have spent money from all your Accounts. This helps you exercise better control over your transactions and monitor your finances seamlessly.

How do I connect my other bank Accounts to my ICICI Bank app?

To connect your other bank Accounts:

  • Log in to ICICI Bank (Internet Banking or mobile application)

  • Click on iFinance, verify your mobile number through OTP

  • Upon successful verification, link all your Accounts:

    • Select the banks that you want to link

    • Upon providing consent for each bank, your Accounts from other banks (FIPs) will be linked

    • Get ready to view consolidated balances and transactions in one place.

What information can I view using iFinance?

With iFinance, you can:

  • View balances of your linked Accounts from other banks

  • See a summary of your top income and expenditure categories

  • Get a category wise breakdown of your expenses for better financial insights

  • Track your financial health by accessing daily inflow, expenses and balance analysis. 

Is my financial data safe while using iFinance?

Yes, we prioritise the security and privacy of your financial data. As a leading Bank, we follow industry-leading security standards to protect your information.

How accurate is the data displayed on iFinance?

The accuracy of the data displayed on iFinance depends on the accuracy of information shared by other Financial Institutions like banks, CTAs, depositories, etc. (FIPs). We rely on the data provided by these FIPs and do not alter or modify it. It is essential to regularly review your transactions and balances to ensure accuracy.

After I de-link my Accounts, will the financial data collected be deleted?

De-linking will not delete the data previously received but basis your consent for future, fetching of new data will stop.

Can I re-link my Accounts after de-linking them?

Yes, you may re-link the de-linked Accounts any time you want. You have to follow the same process as you did while initially linking the Accounts.

Can I rely on iFinance to make financial decisions?

No, iFinance is intended to provide you with a consolidated view of your Bank Accounts. It does not provide investment or financial advice. Any financial decision you make should be based on careful analysis and consultation with financial experts, as well as considering other relevant factors beyond iFinance’s representation of data.

How often is the data updated on iFinance?

The data on iFinance is refreshed daily to provide you with up-to-date information. You may also manually refresh at an hourly interval. However, the frequency of updates may depend on the policies of consent provided by you, the respective FIPs and the availability of data from those institutions.

Can I de-link my Accounts from other banks at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to de-link your Accounts from other banks at any time. Simply go to iFinance and revoke consent using the link provided. This will remove the data of that Bank Account from iFinance.

Is there a fee for using iFinance?

As an ICICI Bank customer, the usage of iFinance is free of charge. However, please refer to the Terms & Conditions provided by ICICI Bank for any fees applicable to using specific features of iFinance from time to time.

Whom should I contact if I encounter any issues or have questions about iFinance?

If you come across any issues or have questions related to iFinance, you can contact ICICI Bank Customer Care for assistance or to address your concerns. We will provide you with the necessary guidance.

What do I do in case my Account linking fails?

In case your Account linking or data updation fails, please contact ICICI Bank Customer Care.

Disclaimer: iFinance is a feature provided by ICICI Bank, in association with our Account Aggregator Technical Service Provider. iFinance presents the data provided by other banks (FIPs) that you voluntarily wish to link and give consent for. While we prioritise the accuracy and security of your financial information, we do not offer investment or financial advice. Data representation within iFinance is solely for informational purposes and any financial decision should be made independently after careful consideration and consultation with relevant experts.

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