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When you invest in Mutual Funds through SIP, you can benefit from ‘Rupee cost averaging’. This means you buy a larger number of units when markets are low and a smaller number of units when markets are high. This averages out your total cost.

However, before you start your SIP online, it is important to conduct a thorough research about the best SIP plans in India and to be informed about factors like SIP returns, type, tenure, etc.

ICICI Bank Limited is an “AMFI - Registered Mutual Fund Distributor”



Benefits of SIP Investment

The growing popularity can be attributed to several benefits of SIP investments such as:

  1. Building Financial Discipline

  2. Discipline is the cornerstone of a successful investment career. Systematic Investment Plans, through their automated, periodic investment approach, builds in you a forced savings habit.

  3. Securing Long term Financial Gains

  4. A Systematic Investment Plan benefits from the power of Compounding and Rupee Cost averaging. If you choose the right investment product and stay committed to your investment goals, in spite of small commitments, you will be able to build a considerably large corpus to address your long term financial goals.

  5. Flexibility

  6. Systematic Investment Plans are tailor-made to suit the level and nature of your income and investment objectives. By use of SIP calculators or by availing of the help of professional Investment Advisors and Financial Planners, you can find the SIP type that best suits your needs without impacting your cash flow.

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