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Money Transfer

What is Click to Pay?

If you wish to make a payment online through your Non-ICICI Bank Savings Account to your ICICI Bank Credit Card or ICICI Bank Loan Payments, you can use the 'Click to Pay' option available on our website.

You can make the payment using Internet Banking or debit card of other bank towards ICICI Bank Credit Card or Loan outstanding.

To know more about Click to Pay and the procedure for making payment, please visit > Internet Banking (at the bottom of the page) > Services Offered > More > Click to Pay.

Is there any limit on the size of a payment I can make?

Yes, it should be less than or equal to the Amount Payable displayed on the transaction screen.

Can I make payments against foreclosures and advance Equated Monthly Installment/Pre Equated Monthly Installment?

No. You can make payments only against Advance Equated Monthly Installment and Pre Equated Monthly Installment which are overdue.

How do I make a payment through “Click To Pay – Loans”?

You can make an online payment through your other bank’s Internet banking account in the following 4 simple steps:

  1. Browse ICICI Bank website and click on the “Click To Pay – Loans” link.
  2. Select your bank’s name from the dropdown.
  3. Type your loan number and validate.
  4. Pay your overdue payments from your bank’s Internet login.

What if the payment is not credited even after three days?

Please contact our 24-hour Customer Care and register a complaint after providing all the transaction details

How are payments processed?

Your payments are processed immediately after you have authorised the transaction from your Debit Card. If your payment is successful, you will be informed that your payment has been accepted and a payment transaction number will be displayed with a successful transaction note.

If your payment is unsuccessful, you will be informed that your transaction was unsuccessful.

Can I make a payment more than the Amount Payable shown in the statement?

No. You can make a payment less than or equal to the Amount Payable displayed on the screen.

Do I need to register with ICICI Bank for “Click To Pay – Loans” to make payments from the account of the other bank?


Is there any charge for using “Click To Pay – Loans?


Can I make a payment towards someone else’s overdue loan using Internet Banking?

Yes, you can make a payment of an overdue loan on behalf of your family members and friends from your online account.

What if I made an error while entering my loan number and made a payment to somebody else’s loan number?

There are certain checks available to avoid payment against wrong loan numbers. These checks are as follows:

  1. The loan number needs to be 16-digit alphanumeric character in nature.
  2. The loan number needs to be entered twice.
  3. Once the loan number is entered, Amount Payable will be displayed and one can validate through it.

Even if you have made a payment to a wrong loan number, you need to call our 24-hour Customer Care and register a complaint. You will be guided accordingly.

Will I receive any paper bill for “Click To Pay – Loan” payments?

You will get a transaction number online on the screen upon the successful completion of your transaction which you may write down on a paper or take its printout.

Do I need to take permission from my bank for making a payment through “Click To Pay – Loans”?

No, if the name of your bank is available in the “Click To Pay – Loans” dropdown for online payments, then your bank is already open for “Click To Pay – Loans” transactions.

Can I make my overdue payments through “Click To Pay – Loans” if my asset is surrendered or repossessed?

No. In that case you are advised to visit any ICICI Bank, RAPG – Asset Branch to make payments.

Who can make a payment using “Click To Pay – Loans” service?

Only ICICI Bank loan customers who have missed their regular EMI/PEMI and their asset is neither surrendered by them nor repossessed by ICICI Bank due to any reason can make a payment using “Click To Pay – Loans” service.

Can I make a payment against overdue and bounce charges using Internet Banking?

Yes, the amount payable displayed on transaction screen includes overdue and bounce charges along with EMI/ PEMI arrears

What are the benefits of “Click To Pay – Loans”?

Your overdue payments are made quickly and conveniently. You no longer have to write cheques, visit a branch and wait in a queue for your turn, to make payments.

What if I made an excess payment in two different transactions for the same loan number?

The excess payment will be available in your credit balance and the refund for it can be obtained through any of our Retail Asset branches by making a written application or you may call our 24-hour Customer Care and register a complaint.

How will I know that the payment is made successfully?

Post every successful transaction; you will get a success message along with a valid transaction ID. However, sometimes the transaction is successful but a transaction number cannot be displayed due to power cuts, connection failures, etc., In such cases you are advised to check your bank account credit balance to know whether the transaction has happened. You should report about it to ICICI Bank if your loan number is not credited within 3 working days from the date of the actual transaction.

When can I check my ICICI Bank loan statement to know my payment status using Internet Banking?

After 3 working days.

How can I prove that I have made a payment using Internet Banking?

You can track your payments from your bank statement if you need to provide proof of payment. Your bank statement will show the charge to your account from the billing vendor with a transaction number similar to the “Click To Pay – Loans” transaction number.

In addition to the above, you will get a valid transaction number post your successful transaction. The same can be used to track and resolve your queries and disputes.

How can I access the information that I have made the payments?

Any payments made will be reflected in your loan account statement within 3 working days.

Can I make a payment when I am outside India using Internet Banking?

You can make payments from anywhere in the world, provided you have an Internet connection and can connect to the ICICI Bank website.

Is the exact overdue amount shown on the screen in real time?

Yes. The amount payable is shown on screen is real time.

What is “Click To Pay – Loans” service?

"Click To Pay - Loans” is an extremely simple and secure way of paying your overdue ICICI Bank loans online from your other bank’s account.

Is “Click To Pay – Loans” secure?

Yes, it is secure through 128 bits SSL.