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CIB Bill Payments Faqs

How to access Bulk BBPS Bill payments on ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking?

  • Travel for Medical Treatment
  • Can an Agent-Institution migrate from one BBPOU to another?

  • Medical Treatment Abroad
  • Can an Agent-institution become a BBPOU?

  • Immigration Abroad
  • Can an Agent be appointed by an Agent-Institution or does BBPOU have sub-agents?

  • Maintenance of close relatives abroad
  • Which payment modes can be offered to consumers for bill payments?

  • Employment Abroad
  • What are the documents required for agent-institution on-boarding?

  • Other Travel (Including holiday trips)
  • Can an Agent-Institution have a tie-up with multiple BBPOUs?

  • Personal Gift
  • What are the key responsibilities of an Agent-Institution?

  • Remittance to own account abroad for placing of deposit
  • How to become an Agent-institution in BBPS?

    Who is an Agent-Institution? Who can be an Agent-Institution?Who is an Agent-Institution? Who can be an Agent-Institution?

    Who is a Biller?

    3. What is the process for making an online outward remittance from my resident savings account in ICICI Bank from Retail Internet Banking?

    Who is BBPOU?

    Outward remittances from resident savings account in ICICI Bank are permissible subject to satisfying the documentation requirements.

    Who is an Agent?

      Who is BBPCU?

    • Initiate the transaction by selecting remitter account, beneficiary account and purpose
    • What are the different payment channels in BBPS?

    • Upload self-attested copy of Passport
    • What are the different payment modes in BBPS?

    • Upload self-attested copy of valid Indian Employment Visa
    • Can I schedule my upcoming bill payments in BBPS Bulk Payments?

    • Upload self-attested copy of proof of Salary
    • Will I have to upload Bulk Payment file again next month or will it get auto-pulled?

      Will I get reminders for my Bulk Payment uploads next month?

      Please note that only the funds from unutilized salary credit from the organizations directly to the ICICI Bank account can be used.

      I do not want auto-pay, will auto-fetch happen next month?

      ICICI Bank will scrutinize all the submitted details and documents of transaction. In case of any discrepancy, ICICI bank will send an email to registered email ID and may request for additional information/documents to process your transaction. It is requested to provide the updated details and documents at the earliest.

      I have Fetch and Pay, will my bill get auto-pulled next month in the BBPS module?

      How should I raise a complaint regarding my BBPS transaction and who should be contacted?

      4. Do I need to submit my KYC documents for every transaction request sent through Money2world service?

      How do I identify a BBPS payment transaction which is reversed/refunded to my Account?

      No, as an ICICI Bank account holder you are not required to submit any KYC documents for availing this service from ICICI Bank Internet Banking.

      What happens when my BBPS Bill payment is unsuccessful? When will the refund be processed?

      How do I identify a BBPS payment transaction on my Account statement? What is the narration format for a BBPS transaction on my Account statement?

      5. What are new features available through Money2World?

      How do I access and approve or reject a BBPS transaction?

      ICICI Bank account holders advantages of Money2World transfer as below:

      I have uploaded a Bulk BBPS file. Where can I see the BBPS transactions submitted for approvals?

        What workflow does BBPS transactions follow? Is there a need for me to set up a new financial workflow for BBPS transactions on ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)?

      • Convenience, as it eliminates the requirement of visiting the branch
      • Where will I find the outstanding amount for all my uploaded consumer numbers?

      • Round the clock service, as the remittance facility is available 24*7
      • Can I disable an Auto Pay instruction already set?

      • Faster turn around time for processing the requests
      • Where can I see Auto Pay instructions scheduled by me?

      • Secured and faster mode of transfer of funds
      • Do bills paid through Auto Pay option follow the transaction workflow?

      • Receiver registration for recurring transfers
      • What happens if the Bill is not fetched in BBPS for a Fetch and Pay Biller? Can I retry it?

        What if my biller is not available in BBPS Biller List?

        What is the overall role of ICICI Bank CIB in a BBPS transaction?

        6. What is the limit for fund transfer for an ICICI Bank’s Resident Savings Account holder through Internet Banking?

        What are the steps to make Bulk BBPS payments through ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking?

        The limit for fund transfer abroad for ICICI Bank’s resident Savings Account holder from ICICI Bank Internet Banking is up to

        What are the types of Billers enabled in Bulk Bill payments option in ICICI Bank CIB?

          What is BBPS?

        • USD 25,000 or its equivalent per transaction,
        • What are Bulk Bill payments?

        • Travel for Education