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2 mins Read | 7 Months Ago

Czech Republic Newsletter – November-2023

Plan Your Trip

ICICI Bank introduces VACATIONS – your monthly Travel Newsletter! 

Month’s theme Introduction: Romance of the heritage

When you travel, there is something magical about romancing the past, about uncovering the stories and secrets of places that have witnessed centuries unfold. It is like being a time traveller, exploring the world through the lens of history.

Imagine wandering through narrow, winding streets made of cobblestones, where the very ground you walk on has stories to tell. Old buildings, with their weathered facades and intricate details, beckon you to discover their hidden tales. The sense of history is palpable in the air.

Perhaps you find yourself standing next to ancient ruins, where the remnants of past civilisations stand as silent witnesses to the passage of time. You cannot help but wonder about the people who once called these places home and the events that shaped their lives.

Alternatively, you may be drawn to grand palaces and majestic castles, where the opulence of bygone eras still lingers in the architecture and the art that adorns the walls. It is a chance to step into the shoes of kings and queens, if only for a moment.

These heritage-rich destinations are like time capsules, preserving the essence of the past for us to explore and appreciate. They remind us that history is not just in books; it is alive in the very places we visit. They beckon you to step through time's hallowed portals, where the whispers of bygone eras grow louder with every footstep. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in the tapestry of human experience, to unravel the threads of history and to forge a deeper connection with the world we inhabit. So, let the allure of these historic gems be your compass, guiding you towards the enchanting embrace of heritage, where the past and present dance in a timeless waltz and your desire to travel is destined to be ignited like an eternal flame.

Soul Trip: Choose the lesser known

Traveling is a delightful journey and the right travel companion can turn it into an unforgettable adventure. Each personality you bring along adds a unique flavour to your exploration, enhancing the overall experience.

Meet the Adventurer. They thrive on spontaneity and are always ready for an adrenaline rush. With them, you will embark on thrilling escapades and create stories that make your heart race.

Then there is the History Enthusiast. They have a knack for turning any destination into a captivating history lesson. From ancient ruins to medieval castles, they will uncover the secrets and stories that bring the past to life.

For the Foodie, travel is all about savouring the flavours of the world. They lead you to hidden culinary gems, ensuring each meal is a delicious journey of discovery.

The Relaxation Guru knows the art of unwinding. They find serene spots to recharge, teaching you to appreciate the beauty of simply being, whether it is on a tranquil beach or under the shade of a tree.

In addition, do not forget the Cultural Connoisseur. They immerse themselves in local customs, languages and traditions, making every encounter with a new culture a rich and enlightening experience.

Different personalities bring in different perspectives when you travel together. Moreover, it is important that you choose the right companion. Traveling with the right companion is like adding more colours to your travel palette. It is about learning, growing and creating memories together. So, choose your travel companions wisely and double your joy of travelling.

Discover Your World

Winter Magic in the Czech Republic

Winter can be one of the most amazing times to visit Europe. From mid-November to mid-December, this enchanting Central European country transforms into a magical wonderland. Let us take a journey through the Czech Republic, exploring the picturesque city of Prague and a few other destinations that are an absolute must-visit during this season.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a true gem that dazzles even more during the winter season. As you stroll through the charming streets of Prague's historic Old Town, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairy tale. The Gothic architecture, cobblestoned streets and the majestic Prague Castle create a mesmerising atmosphere.

Start your adventure at Prague Castle, one of the largest ancient castles in the world and do not miss the awe-inspiring St. Vitus Cathedral with its stunning stained glass windows. Later, walk across the iconic Charles Bridge, adorned with statues and offering breath-taking views of the Vltava River. Explore the Old Town Square, where the Christmas market comes alive with festive lights, delicious treats and unique handcrafted gifts. Also, do not forget to witness the Astronomical Clock's hourly show in the Old Town Hall, a centuries-old tradition that still captivates visitors.

Český Krumlov: A Winter Wonderland in South Bohemia

A hidden gem in South Bohemia, Český Krumlov is a fairy-tale town that comes alive during the winter months. Its charming, well-preserved medieval architecture and the meandering Vltava River make it a picture-perfect destination.

Your visit should include exploration of the stunning Český Krumlov Castle, which looks like it is straight out of a storybook. The Christmas markets here are magical, with unique handmade crafts and delicious local delicacies. If you are into winter sports, you can enjoy ice-skating on the frozen Vltava River or go skiing in the nearby Lipno Ski Resort.

Kutná Hora: A Glimpse into Gothic History

Kutná Hora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a historic town that highlights the rich history of the Czech Republic. The town's Gothic and Baroque architecture is especially captivating in the winter months.

Marvel at the eerie beauty of the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel adorned with human bones. Visit St. Barbara's Cathedral, an outstanding example of Gothic architecture. Moreover, do not forget to explore the historic silver mines that once made Kutná Hora one of the wealthiest towns in Bohemia.

Brno: A Winter Wonderland in Moravia

Brno, the capital of Moravia, is a vibrant city with a rich cultural scene. During the winter season, it comes alive with festive decorations and a welcoming atmosphere.

Begin your journey with a visit to Špilberk Castle, a historic fortress with panoramic views of the city. Explore the Moravian Karst, a vast underground labyrinth of caves and abysses adorned with enchanting ice formations in winter. Do not miss the Christmas markets in the city centre, where you can savour traditional Czech cuisine and shop for unique gifts.

In the Czech Republic, winter is a season of magic and wonder. Whether you are wandering through the snow-covered streets of Prague or sipping mulled wine at a charming Christmas market, you will find that the Czech Republic's beauty knows no bounds during this time of year. So, pack your warmest clothes, embrace the winter chill and get ready for an unforgettable journey through this stunning country.

Travel Smart

Top tips for a perfect honeymoon.

Planning a honeymoon is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Do not worry! Here are some simple tips to make your honeymoon unforgettable. Primarily, remember that a perfect honeymoon does not have to be flawless. It is about celebrating your love, creating memories and embracing the journey together. Therefore, what is paramount is that you relax, have fun and savour every moment of this special trip!

1. Start Planning Early:

  • Begin planning at least 6-9 months in advance.

  • This allows you to not only get the best deals and secure your dream destination, but also know each other’s preferences better.

2. Set a Budget:

  • Decide on a budget together.

  • Be realistic about what you can afford, including travel, accommodation and activities.

3. Choose the Right Destination:

  • Pick a location that suits both your interests.

  • Consider the type of experience you want together, whether it is a beach, adventure, or a cultural getaway.

4. Share Responsibilities:

  • Share planning and decision-making responsibilities.

  • It is a journey you are taking together, so collaborate and compromise as required.

5. Travel Off-Peak:

  • Avoid peak tourist seasons if possible.

  • You will enjoy fewer crowds and better prices.

6. Plan Special Activities:

  • Research and book activities in advance.

  • Plan a mix of romantic dinners, adventures and downtime.

7. Pack Smart:

  • Pack light and smart. Do not feel obligated to carry your entire new wardrobe.

  • Bring essentials and do not over pack; you will want space for souvenirs.

8. Disconnect (a bit):

  • Do not go overboard with Instagramming your trip, limit screen time.

  • Focus on each other and the experience rather than constantly checking your devices.

9. Surprise Each Other:

  • Plan surprise activities or gifts.

  • It adds an extra element of excitement to your trip and allows understanding each other’s reactions to adverse situations.

10. Be Flexible:

  • Sometimes things do not go as planned.

  • Be open to changes and adapt with a smile. Take the opportunity to understand each other’s reactions to adverse situations.

In the end, your honeymoon is a time to bond, explore and create lasting memories together. By following these simple tips, you can ensure your journey is filled with love, laughter and unforgettable experiences. Here is to a perfect honeymoon and a beautiful start to your lifelong adventure as a married couple.

 Sustainable Travel Tip of the Month

“To get a sample itinerary for Czech Republic, "Click here

Let us all be responsible travellers.

Eat seasonal, eat local.

When you are jet setting around the globe, tasting new flavours and exploring exciting cuisines is all part of the adventure. However, have you ever thought about the impact your food choices can have on the environment? Let us talk about a super simple and eco-friendly travel tip: eating seasonal and local.

Picture this: you are in Italy during the scorching summer months. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Gelato, right? That is because Italians know how to use seasonal ingredients to create mouth-watering treats. When you gobble up that fresh peach gelato, you are not just indulging your taste buds; you are also reducing your carbon footprint. Eating in-season fruits and veggies means less energy and resources go into producing and transporting them.

When you do travel planning, also research what foods are in season and which ones are not. To ask for Fondue in Switzerland in summers is only going to signal that while you know Fondue is a classic Swiss dish, you are unaware that actually, it is a winter dish and no real Swiss person would eat it in summers. Only ignorant tourists do.

Moreover, when you eat local, you support local farmers and communities. That means your travel dollars go directly into the pockets of the people who live in the places you are exploring. It is like a win-win for your taste buds and the planet.

As always, asking the locals for their favourite seasonal dishes is the best way to eat right in a new place. You will get a taste of the culture, help the environment and maybe even make some new friends along the way. Cheers to sustainable and delicious travels!

‘Vacations’ is powered by OneShoe Trust for Responsible & Mindful Travels – a social enterprise that promotes travelling as a means to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. Incubated at IIM Bangalore, OneShoe is the source of most authentic travel experiences around the world.

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