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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

Germany Newsletter – July-2023

Plan Your Trip

Germany: Land of culture, modernity and natural beauty

ICICI Bank introduces VACATIONS – your monthly travel newsletter!

Month’s theme Introduction:

Making the most of our time!

We all lead busy lives and it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but time waits for no one. It is important to remember that every day is a gift and we should make the most of it. Whether it is spending time with loved ones, traveling to beautiful places, or fulfilling our bucket lists, there is no time like the present to start living our lives to the fullest.

One of the most important things we can do is to spend more time with our family and friends. Our loved ones bring joy and meaning to our lives and we should cherish every moment we have with them. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a simple dinner at home, make the effort to prioritise quality time with people who matter the most.

Traveling to beautiful places is another way to make the most of our time. Exploring new destinations, experiencing different cultures and seeing the world's natural wonders can be a life-changing experience. It does not have to be a grand trip abroad; there are plenty of beautiful places to discover in our own backyard.

Fulfilling our bucket lists is also important. Life is short and we should make the most of the time we have. Whether it's learning a new skill, trying a new hobby or achieving a personal goal, there's no better time than now to start ticking off those items on our bucket lists.

Soul Trip: Key to a great travel experience

At the heart of a good travel experience is an open and curious mindset. Approaching travel with a sense of wonder and a willingness to learn and explore is key. This means being open to new experiences, trying new things and embracing the unexpected.

Another important aspect of a good travel experience is authenticity. Authentic travel experiences allow us to connect with the local culture and people in a meaningful way. Rather than just visiting the most popular tourist attractions, seek out experiences that are unique to the destination and truly represent the local culture.

Flexibility is also key to a good travel experience. While it is important to have a general itinerary and plan, being open to changes and unexpected opportunities can lead to some of the most memorable moments of a trip. Embrace spontaneity and go with the flow when possible.

Lastly, a good travel experience is one that leaves a positive impact on both the traveller and the destination. This means being respectful of the local culture, environment and people and making an effort to leave a positive impact through responsible travel practices.

Discover Your World

Germany is a country of rich culture, stunning landscapes and diverse experiences. From the bustling cities of Berlin and Munich to the charming medieval towns and picturesque countryside, there is something for everyone to enjoy. July is the perfect summer season to spend as much time outdoors as possible with the locals and long hours of sunshine. A good example: This month’s sun rises before 5:30 am and sets after 9:00 pm.

In July, Germany comes alive with various festivals, including music festivals, wine festivals and cultural celebrations. Visitors can enjoy the warm summer weather while exploring historic cities, hiking through beautiful forests and mountains and taking part in cultural events. There are also many opportunities to relax and unwind in Germany's famous spas and hot springs, making it the perfect destination for a summer getaway.

Moreover, July is a great time to experience Germany's world-famous cuisine, including sausages, beer, pretzels and other delicious traditional dishes. With its rich culinary traditions and modern food scene, Germany offers a unique and varied culinary experience that will leave visitors craving for more.

Here we introduce you to some of the lesser-known places in Germany, which will enhance your travel experience because they are not touristy as Munich, Berlin, Cologne etc. and yet provide a quintessential German experience, which combines nature, innovation, heritage and good food.

1. Sanssouci Park and Palace: An hour away from Berlin, this park covers a large area and shows the rich designation of orchards as well as flower gardens. Built by the Prussian King, Frederick the Great as his summer palace, it is often counted among the German rivals of Versailles. The park is unique with over 3000 fruit trees. The area is covered with pruned hedges and well-maintained lawns. In addition to the natural buildings, many park buildings add to the beauty of the place, such as the Picture Gallery, Chinese House and Roman Bath Complex.

2. Insel Mainau: Mainau, also known as the Flower Island of Lake Constance, is one of Germany’s most beautiful and unique attractions. With a total area of 110 hectares, it is completely covered with brightly coloured flowers where the sweet scent makes it a captivating place. The combination of beautiful parks and gardens with tropical and subtropical vegetation adds to the beauty of the place. It is an experience in itself. Once there, visit an 18th century castle known for its magnificent white walls that rise like a defensive tower.

3. Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany is known worldwide for its abundant castles and the architecture that surrounds them. Neuschwanstein Castle is considered to be the legacy of the popular King Ludwig II of Germany. Standing on a hill in the German Alps, this castle is a testament to all the fairy tales you have heard here. The scenery around the castle is so beautiful that you cannot miss it. Towering over the beautiful and picturesque town of Hohenschwangau, the town is known worldwide for its magnificent drawbridges and turrets that further enhance the beauty of the castle.

4. Berlin Zoological Garden: If you are looking for a place to visit with your child in Germany, you can add Berlin Zoo to the list. It is one of Germany’s oldest and most well known zoos. The zoo, which covers an area of about 86.5 hectares, was opened to the public in 1844. In addition to zoos and aquariums, animal feeding here has attracted the attention of visitors too. The Berlin Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in Europe and should be on your list.

Germany is a popular tourist destination in summers. However, if you research well you can find spots, which are not full of summer crowds and can be the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Travel Smart

Coping with jet lags and time zone differences – part 2

Jet lag is a common problem that many people face when they travel to a different time zone. It can be quite difficult to adjust to a new time zone, especially if there is a significant difference in the number of hours. Symptoms of jet lag can include fatigue, headaches, irritability and difficulty sleeping. However, there are several things that you can do to cope with jet lag and adjust to a new time zone. We covered some points in Part 1 of this series last month and here is Part 2:

5. Stick to a regular sleep schedule: Once you arrive at your destination, it is important to stick to a regular sleep schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, even on weekends

6. Avoid long naps: While napping can be helpful for reducing fatigue, it is important not to nap for too long. Long naps can interfere with night-time sleep and make it more difficult to adjust to a new time zone

7. Plan ahead: If possible, try to schedule your flight so that you arrive at your destination during the day. This can help you stay awake and adjust to the new time zone more easily

8. Avoid heavy meals: Eating heavy or rich meals can make it more difficult to sleep, so it is best to avoid these types of meals before bedtime

9. Keep your sleep environment comfortable: Make sure that your sleep environment is comfortable and conducive to sleep. This may include adjusting the temperature, using earplugs or a sleep mask or choosing a comfortable mattress and pillows

10. Use relaxation techniques: If you are having difficulty falling asleep, try using relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation. These techniques can help calm your mind and body and make it easier to fall asleep

11. Seek medical advice: If your jet lag symptoms are severe or last for more than a few days, you may want to seek medical advice. Your doctor may be able to prescribe medication or recommend other treatments that can help alleviate your symptoms.

While jet lag can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, it is definitely a manageable problem. If you follow these practices, some of which start even before your journey begins, you will surely feel a difference and recuperate faster.

 Sustainable Travel Tip of the Month

“To get a sample itinerary for Germany, "Click here

Let us be Responsible Travellers

When in Germany, travel by train

Germany’s train services are exemplary and quintessential to a true German experience. Not just that, travelling by train is an excellent way to become a more responsible traveller. This mode of transportation not only provides a comfortable and efficient way to travel, but also helps to reduce the environmental impact of tourism.

Trains Reduce Our Carbon Footprint: Trains are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation available. They emit significantly less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than airplanes or cars. By choosing to travel by train, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Trains Support Local Economies: Train travel provides a more authentic travel experience by allowing us to see and support local communities along the way. Unlike flying, which often involves arriving at an airport outside of the city centre, trains usually stop in the heart of the city, making it easier for us to explore the local area and support small businesses.

‘Vacations’ is powered by OneShoe Trust for Responsible & Mindful Travels – a social enterprise that promotes travelling as a means to raise awareness about climate change and environmental issues. Incubated at IIM Bangalore, OneShoe is a source of the most authentic travel experiences around the world.

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