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2 mins Read | 3 Years Ago

Win a gold in your retirement planning marathon!

Win a gold in your
retirement planning marathon!

Retirement planning is a marathon, not a sprint. A carefully calculated pace, avoiding potholes and energy drainers, while creating a phased strategy, is vital to your victory.

Smart interventions at regular intervals and discipline are both imperative. Managing your retirement transition through crucial life stages can be broken down into phases, much like how a marathon runner approaches the race.


Your first major stop at 10 years before retirement is all about preparation and provision. Do plan with your spouse, as retirement is a family goal.

Take a holistic view:

Consider future expenses, lifestyle, family goals and retirement goals.

Estimate your requirement:

Cover the essential spends, discretionary spends, contingency funds, healthcare costs and inflation.

Identify existing investments:

Includes EPF, Super Annuation, ESOPs, PPF, NPS, etc.

Assess the gap:

Identify additional investments needed. Also, consider a secondary income source.

Plan for your goal:

Make investments suited to your personality.


The second stop at 5 years before the finishing line of your career, underlines the importance of consolidation and transition planning.

Assess Portfolio Performance:

Assess and rebalance your portfolio, as needed. Shift from high-risks to balanced investment instruments.

Eliminate Debts:

Try and pre-close your loans.

Plan Employer Transition:

Check on the continuity of your employer’s family Health Insurance Plans. Make sure you have adequate health and protection cover.

Consolidate Finances:

Get single view statements for your finances, keep not more than two Credit Cards, and consolidate all spends.


The make-or-break stretch is finally here. Now is the time to intensify your efforts and plan your golden years, right down to the smallest detail.

Plan the Transition:

Evaluate your post-retirement life from financial, social, emotional and physical angles.

Devise a Withdrawal Strategy:

Take professional advice to help you figure out monthly withdrawals, based on your life expectancy and lifestyle goals.

Live Your Passion:

Identify your passion and invest in it to have more fulfilling golden years.

Don’t miss:

Contingency fund checks, PPF/NPS maturity decisions, tax implications.

Golden Years:

To win the marathon, every winner needs the right strategy. With a retirement specialist by your side, you can stay ahead in the race of planning your retirement right and celebrate the golden years of your life.

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