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2 mins Read | 8 Months Ago

What is a Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) - Components and Benefits

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A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a popular investment option known for its safety, assured returns and ease of investment. It offers individuals an opportunity to grow their savings over a period with complete financial security. When you invest in a Fixed Deposit with ICICI Bank (or any other bank), you receive a Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) as proof of your deposit. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the components of an FD receipt, its benefits and how it works to safeguard your financial future.

Key Components of FDR

Essential Information

The FDR issued by any bank will contain vital details such as the deposit amount, interest rate, maturity date and tenure of the FD. It serves as a legal document confirming your investment with the bank. This online receipt acts as a valuable proof of your deposit and is essential for various transactions related to the FD that happen later.

Redemption Process

When your FD matures, you can redeem it by surrendering the FDR to ICICI Bank (or whichever bank you have an FD with), ideally at least a week before the maturity. Upon redemption, you will receive the principal amount along with the interest earned during the tenure. For a seamless redemption process, ensure that all depositors' (if there are multiple) digital signatures are present on the FDR.

FD Renewal

Upon maturity, you can easily renew your FD with ICICI Bank by filling a fresh FD Application Form at least 15 days before the maturity date. The renewal process requires the duly discharged FDR with a revenue stamp of requisite value. Besides this, you can renew your FD digitally as well. You can do it through the iMobile Pay App or via Retail Internet Banking (RIB) by visiting the ICICI Bank website. This way, you can continue to benefit from the interest rates applicable.

Lost FDR Procedure

In case the FDR is not available, for whatever reason, it is crucial to apprise ICICI Bank of the situation immediately. The bank will issue a duplicate FDR upon receiving a 'letter of loss of instrument' and an indemnity in the prescribed form. Following compliance with the necessary formalities, you can obtain a new FDR while ensuring the non-encashment of the original instrument.

Easy Access to FD Interest Certificate

ICICI Bank customers can conveniently access their FD interest certificates through the Internet Banking portal or iMobile Pay App. By logging into their account and navigating to the Tax Centre section, they can download the interest certificate with just a few clicks. This simplifies the process of managing tax-related documentation.

Why You Should Keep Your FDR Safe

It is your hard-earned money and it is safe in an FD. However, you do need to have proof. Apart from that, here is why you should keep your FDR safe.

● Legal Document: An FDR serves as a legally binding document that provides evidence of your FD investment with your bank. It contains all essential details such as deposit amount, interest rate, maturity date and tenure, ensuring transparency and security.

● Proof of Investment: The FDR acts as a tangible proof of your investment with a bank. It comes in handy for various purposes, including loan applications, visa processes and financial planning.

● Assured Returns: FDRs guarantee fixed and attractive interest rates throughout the deposit tenure. They are like a writ that shields your investment from market fluctuations and provides a sense of financial security.

● Safety: FD receipts are a bond between the bank and the depositor.

● Premature Withdrawal: While FDs are typically locked for a specific period, emergencies may necessitate early withdrawal. Banks process premature withdrawals smoothly if you present your FD receipt. This ensures prompt liquidity when needed.

Benefit of iMobile Pay App when it comes to FDR

Accessing FD interest receipts is hassle-free through ICICI Bank Internet Banking and iMobile Pay App. This feature simplifies the process of filing taxes and managing financial documentation. In addition, depending on your preference, you can receive the interest on your FD at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly) or upon maturity.

Proof of Security

An FDR is a vital document that safeguards your investment and provides valuable information about your FD. As a secure and rewarding investment option, an FD offers peace of mind and assured returns. Moreover, FDR is a proof of the same.


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