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2 mins Read | 7 Months Ago

How to Earn Assured Monthly Interest on Fixed Deposit (FD)



Fixed Deposits (FDs) are considered one of the most secure and reliable investment options available today, offering assured returns. They provide a steady income stream through interest payments. FDs operate on a straightforward principle: deposit a certain amount for a specific tenure and receive interest at predetermined rates. The interest is usually compounded on a short-term, monthly, quarterly or cumulative basis.

A monthly interest payout will enable customers to create a recurring stream of income. Without further delay, let’s understand how you can earn assured returns through monthly earnings with Fixed Deposits.

Factors Affecting Earnings

  1. Principal Amount:
  2. The initial investment (principal) directly affects the interest earned. A higher principal amount significantly impacts the overall returns from the FD.

  3. Interest Rate:
  4. Interest rates offered by the bank significantly impact monthly earnings. Higher interest rates result in greater monthly interest earnings. Even a slight increase in the interest rate can notably enhance the monthly returns on the FD.

  5. Tenure:
  6. Opting for a longer tenure can maximise monthly earnings due to the compounding effect but balancing this with liquidity needs is essential. Premature withdrawals can cost you penalties.

How to apply for an ICICI Bank Fixed Deposit?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how one can open a Fixed Deposit (FD) with monthly interest payout with ICICI Bank in just 60 seconds:

Step 1: Access Your Account

Begin by logging into your Bank account using Internet Banking or iMobile Pay app. Once logged in, navigate to the section that pertains to Fixed Deposits. This can usually be found under the 'Investments' or 'Savings' tab.

Step 2: Fill out the FD form

Fill in the required details, such as the investment amount you wish to deposit and the tenure or duration of the FD. The term can vary, typically ranging from seven (7) days to ten (10) years, so choose the duration according to your financial goals.

Step 3: Select Payout Plan

After determining the investment amount and tenure, you will have to choose the payout plan. You can choose how you want to receive the interest accumulated on your FD - whether monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual.

Step 4: Review and Confirm

Before submitting your FD application, take a moment to review all the details you've entered. Ensure the investment amount, tenure and payout plan are as per your preferences and financial requirements.

Making informed choices

Before investing in an FD, consider these strategies:

Compare Rates

Researching and comparing FD interest rates among various banks or financial institutions is very important, as it will ensure that you secure the best possible returns for your investment. Banks offer different rates based on factors like tenure, age of the investor and deposit amount.

Laddering Deposits

Diversification is a crucial principle in investment. Laddering deposits involves spreading your investments across multiple FDs with varying tenures. This strategy balances liquidity and maximises returns.

Interest payout options

Choose the right interest payout frequency that aligns with your financial goals and needs. Banks often provide options for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual interest payouts. Therefore, opting for monthly payouts can supplement regular income or fulfil immediate financial requirements.

Realistic Expectations

While FDs offer stability and predictable returns, it's crucial to maintain realistic expectations. External factors like inflation and taxes can impact the actual purchasing power of your earnings over time. Inflation erodes the value of money, potentially impacting the worth of your FD returns.

Why Should You Consider Fixed Deposits with ICICI Bank?

Investing in a Fixed Deposit by ICICI Bank offers numerous benefits:

Safety and Security: ICICI Bank’s Fixed Deposits are considered a safe investment option. The principal amount is usually secured, providing a sense of security to investors.

Assured Returns: FDs typically offer assured returns, providing a fixed interest rate throughout the investment tenure. This predictability makes it easier to plan finances.

Liquidity: FDs often provide liquidity through premature withdrawal options despite being a fixed investment. Additionally, an Overdraft (OD) against the FD value can be beneficial during emergencies.

Flexibility in Tenure: Investors can choose the tenure of their FDs based on their financial goals, ranging from short-term (as little as seven days) to long-term (up to 10 years). This flexibility allows you to align your investments with specific needs.

Ease of Access: With the convenience of online FD creation, investors can book an FD within 60 seconds from anywhere, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and visits to the Bank.

Stable income source: FDs can serve as a steady source of income, especially for retirees or those seeking regular interest payouts, as interest can be received monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

No Market Fluctuations: FDs are not impacted by market fluctuations, making them a dependable investment avenue.


Fixed Deposits remain a robust investment avenue for those seeking stability and consistent earnings. By understanding how much you can earn through interest on FDs and leveraging the available options, you can optimise your investment strategy to meet your financial objectives. Investing in FDs requires thoughtful consideration of individual financial goals and risk tolerance. Consulting a financial advisor can offer personalised insights into maximising your monthly earnings with financial security.


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