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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

How to get FASTag Online in 6 Easy Steps | ICICI Bank


The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has made FASTag mandatory, for the collection of toll fees. Keep reading to know how you can buy one from ICICI bank.

What is a FASTag?

FASTag is a revolutionary electronic toll collection system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. An initiative by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), it is a rechargeable tag affixed to the vehicle's windscreen. It is mandatory for four-wheeler vehicles and above to have these on their windscreen, to cross the toll gates. Now, with a Fastag, you don’t need to stop your vehicle at toll booths to pay tolls.

Benefits of FASTag

Here is a list of FASTag benefits:

  • Cashless payments: You don't need to make cash payments when crossing toll plazas. The RFID scanner automatically deducts the toll charges from your account linked with a FASTag.
  • Reduced traffic jams: Since vehicles with FASTag can move through a toll booth faster and most toll plazas have separate queues for FASTag, the technology has reduced traffic jams on highways.
  • Easy purchase: You can easily buy a FASTag online from the comfort of your home.
  • Wide coverage: FASTag is now accepted at almost all toll plazas in India, making it a widely covered technology nationwide.
  • Long validity: FASTag is valid for five years, so you don't need to replace it often.
  • Monthly pass option: Frequent travellers can easily turn their monthly pass into a FASTag pass.
  • Monitor your toll expenses: By using the FASTag app or platforms like ICICI Bank iMobile Pay, you can view your FASTag transactions and recharge when needed.
  • Instant updates: You get updates after every FASTag payment, helping you to track your expenses easily.

5 Ways to get ICICI Bank’s FASTag, online

Following are the various ways to buy a FASTag online from ICICI Bank. Do note, some of these ways may require you to be a Bank customer.

  • ICICI Bank FASTag Website
  1. Visit

  2. Click on “New Customer”

  3. The FASTag onlineapplication page will open. Fill in all the requisite details in the designated fields and proceed with payment

  4. Once your payment has been processed successfully, you will get the FASTag via courier.

  • Pockets app
  1. Open the Pockets wallet app by ICICI Bank

  2. Tap on ‘FASTag'

  3. Enter details regarding your vehicle and click on ‘Proceed’

  4. Enter personal details and click on ‘Proceed’

  5. Confirm and proceed to purchase a FASTag

  • iMobile Pay app

The iMobile Pay app is another convenient option to buy a FASTag online, for ICICI Bank customers.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Play Store, depending upon your mobile phone, and log in using your PIN
  2. Click on ‘Bill Payments’

  3. Select the ‘ICICI FASTag’ option

  4. Click on ‘Buy new’ and enter the details, as asked

  5. Proceed for payment, after confirming the details

  6. After successful completion of payment, you will get the FASTag through courier.
  • ICICI Bank Internet Banking

This option is available exclusively for ICICI Bank Internet Banking customers.

  1. Visit and log in to your ICICI Internet Banking Account

  2. Click on ‘Payments & Transfer
  3. Select ‘Buy/Recharge FASTag’
  4. Make the payment, after filling in the required details
  5. Review your details once and click on ‘Confirm’
  6. Once your transaction is processed successfully, your FASTag will be sent to you.
  • WhatsApp

Now, you can also apply for a FASTag online through ICICI Bank’s innovative WhatsApp banking. At first, you need to save the number ‘8640086400’ to your contacts list.

  1. Just send a ‘Hi’ message on WhatsApp to 8640086400
  2. You will receive a welcome message, with different options
  3. Type ‘3’ for ICICI FASTag services
  4. Type ‘3’ again to raise a request for a new Tag
  5. You will be provided with a link to redirect you to ICICI Bank’s FASTag application page
  6. Fill in the required details and upload the documents, as required
  7. Once you have made the payment, you will get the FASTag at the address mentioned by you in a few days.

Once you receive your FASTag, you can easily load funds on it through different payment platforms like UPI, Internet Banking, etc.

Documents required

You can buy a FASTag online by visiting your preferred bank's FASTag page and submitting the required documents.

Documents required to apply for a FASTag online:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Vehicle owner’s passport size photo
  • KYC documents for identity and address proof, such as PAN Card, Passport and Driving Licence
  • A duly filled application form

All the documents should be in the vehicle owner’s name. If the vehicle owner is not present when applying for a FASTag, the driver can submit his/her photo ID proof. The FASTag will be activated once the service provider confirms the identity and verifies the documents. Once activated, you can recharge the FASTag online without submitting any documents.

Fees and charges

To activate FASTag, you must open a FASTag Account and recharge it with a specific amount to pay the toll charges. You can reload the money in your account to pass through the tolls without cash payments. Every toll plaza has dedicated FASTag lanes to make your road trips easier and faster.

There may be a processing charge and a one-time deposit amount levied as per the policies, depending on the vehicle type. It is advisable to check the exact charges while applying for a FASTag.

Now that you know how to get a FASTag onlineeasily, you can go ahead and buy one. Choose any of the convenient methods discussed above and zoom through the toll plaza without bothering about cash and changes and waiting in the queue.


Eligibility criteria for a FASTag application

There are no strict eligibility criteria for a FASTag application. If you own a four-wheeler, you are eligible to obtain a FASTag. However, you must provide a few essential documents to support your identity, including a vehicle registration number, identity proof, address proof, passport size photograph and application form.

Integration of FASTag with toll plazas and highways

From 2021, FASTag has become mandatory for all four-wheelers. If your car does not have one, you will have to pay double the toll amount at the booth. All toll plazas on Indian highways are now integrated with the FASTag technology. So, you don't need to worry about FASTag integration even when travelling in a rural area.

Importance of linking FASTag to a bank account

When you purchase a FASTag, you can recharge it through Net Banking, prepaid e-wallet, Credit Card or Debit Card. However, linking it directly to your bank account frees you from the hassles of recharging it manually. The toll tax gets deducted directly from your linked bank account whenever you pass through a toll plaza. So you don't need to remember to recharge it every time.

Differences between offline and online application methods

For an offline application, you must visit a FASTag booth at a toll plaza or find your nearest bank branch offering these services. Submit the required documents and wait for the verification process to be completed. Alternatively, when applying for a FASTag online, you can provide your details and documents online and get your FASTag at your doorstep. So, the online application method is much faster and more convenient than the offline method.

Customer testimonials and success stories

India has more than 70 million FASTag users, all enjoying the benefits of the technology. FASTag makes crossing toll plazas easy and quick, as they no longer need to pay cash for toll charges. They must affix a magnetic sticker on their front windscreen and can pass through a toll booth like a breeze. The FASTag technology has significantly reduced queues at toll plazas, reducing fuel consumption and pollution in these areas.

Updates and news related to FASTag technology

Although FASTag is now an established technology and all toll plazas are integrated, you must stay updated about the latest news. Whenever you recharge your FASTag, check for the latest offers and discounts to save money. You may also contact ICICI Bank Customer Care for the latest FASTag related news.

Compatibility with different vehicle types

  • FASTag is compatible with various vehicle types with different sticker colours.
  • Violet: Jeeps, cars, vans or other mini/light commercial vehicles
  • Orange: Minibus or other light commercial vehicles
  • Green: Buses and trucks (2 axles)
  • Yellow: Buses and trucks (3 axles)
  • Pink: Trucks (4, 5 and 6 axles), tractors (with or without trailer)
  • Blue: Trucks (7 or more axles)
  • Black: Heavy construction vehicles or earth-moving machines 

Troubleshooting common issues with FASTag

The most common issue with FASTag is that the RFID scanner can sometimes not deduct the toll tax from your magnetic sticker. In such a case, the first thing is to ensure that your FASTag ID has sufficient balance to deduct the applicable charges. The next thing is to check if your FASTag magnetic sticker is torn or damaged. In that case, you must get a new sticker with the same ID and affix it again on your front windscreen.

Prospects and advancements in FASTag technology

FASTag was introduced in India in 2014 and by 2021, it became mandatory for all four-wheelers crossing toll plazas. It has improved travel time, reduced congestion and increased transparency in toll payments. As a result, it has proved to be a game changer in the Indian transport industry. Since users without FASTag must pay double the toll tax, it has promoted FASTag adoption significantly and accelerated its growth.

FASTag installation and activation process

Once you purchase the FASTag, you will receive a magnetic sticker that must be affixed on the inner side of your front windscreen in the middle part below the rear-view mirror. To activate FASTag, visit your FASTag provider's website, enter the FASTag ID or scan the QR Code, provide vehicle details and link it with a prepaid wallet or a bank account.

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