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2 mins Read | 7 Months Ago

Plastic Money - What is Plastic Money & Its Benefits?

Plastic Money - What is Plastic Money & Its Benefits?


The idea of ‘plastic money’ has completely changed the financial industry in this fast-paced digital society. Plastic money, which refers to Credit Cards and Debit Cards, denotes the transition from conventional cash-based transactions to a more contemporary electronic method. ICICI Bank provides a variety of Credit Cards that offer ease, security and other advantages to customers. 

A historical angle

Money has a long history that dates back to the dawn of civilisation. It began with the barter system and progressed to the usage of precious metals and paper money. But the invention of ‘plastic money’ has been the biggest advancement in this evolutionary process. Technological breakthroughs and the demand for more convenient and safe payment options ensured a shift from the usage of physical currencies towards Credit Cards and Debit Cards. 

Comprehending Plastic Money

Plastic money has significantly altered our financial landscape. ICICI Bank Credit Cards are a prime example, offering an impressive range of features to cater to diverse consumer needs. Apart from being used for monetary transactions, these Cards provide access to a variety of services and benefits that enhance the overall experience. From facilitating basic purchases to providing premium lifestyle advantages, they offer the convenience and efficiency of modern financial practices. Equipped with robust security protocols, these Cards guarantee safe and secure transactions. This evolution in shopping and financial behaviour highlights the critical role of ‘plastic money’ in today's digital economy, reflecting a shift from traditional cash-based transactions to more secure, convenient and versatile electronic forms of payment. 

The advantages of Credit Cards

Credit Cards have become an essential part of our financial toolkit, offering convenience and a host of benefits. ICICI Bank Credit Cards stand out in this domain, providing a range of advantages that cater to various lifestyle needs and financial requirements. These advantages include: 

  • Cashless convenience:ICICI Bank Credit Cards provide a more convenient way to transact and eliminate the need to carry cash 

  • Enhanced security:These Cards have advanced security measures that safeguard against fraud and theft

  • Financial empowerment:These Cards offer the option to pay later, which can be helpful for managing financial flow or making last-minute purchases 

  • Transaction ease:ICICI Bank Credit Cards are accepted everywhere. They are ideal for both local and international transactions 

  • Offers and rewards:Cashback, reward points and purchase discounts are just a few of the benefits that cardholders can take advantage of 

  • Travel benefits:Cards designed specifically for travel come with extra benefits including lounge access, complimentary air miles and hotel reservations at reduced rates. 

Top 10 Credit Card benefits

Explore a range of ICICI Bank Credit Card options with distinct features to suit your financial needs.


  1. Convenience: Credit Cards offer simplified payments, eliminating the need to carry cash. They also provide instant funds whenever needed. You can now link your Credit Card to UPI for effortless transactions on the go.

  2. Timely payments: Credit Cards allow you to set up automatic bill payments. This will avoid late payment penalties and a negative impact on your credit score.

  3. Book tickets easily: Book your air or train tickets in minutes using your Credit Card. Get access to a wide range of online services and take advantage of exclusive perks and rewards.

  4. Interest-free credit: Enjoy a grace period of up to 50 days without accruing interest, with the convenience of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option.

  5. Rewards: Earn rewards which you can redeem later across partner merchants for grocery, online shopping, fuel and more.

  6. Fuel waivers: Get access to exclusive offers when you pay using your Credit Card. It will help you to save money during your daily commute.

  7. Travel benefits: Travelling becomes more beneficial with a Credit Card as you can enjoy benefits like airport lounge access, priority check-in and enhanced luggage allowance.

  8. Expense tracking: Monitor your expenses easily with detailed monthly statements, providing a detailed breakdown of your major expenses.

  9. Safety: Avoid the risks associated with carrying cash by using a Credit Card, which reduces the chances of loss or theft. Credit Cards are insured. This plays a vital role in case you lose one.

  10. Credit score improvement: Use Credit Cards to boost your credit score and overall financial profile. Always remember to pay your bills in a timely manner, which will facilitate easier access to loans and Credit Cards in the future. 

How to pick the best ICICI Bank Credit Card and apply for it? 

Choose the best Credit Card based on your spending pattern and needs. From Cards with travel advantages to those with luxury lifestyle privileges, ICICI Bank offers a variety of Cards designed to meet different lifestyles.  

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card is an ideal choice for those seeking a simple option. With no joining fee or annual fee, it allows cardholders to accumulate reward points and enjoy discounts on dining and entertainment. 

If you are a frequent shopper or traveller, ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card could be your match. With a nominal joining fee, it offers additional reward points, significant discounts on movie tickets and complimentary railway lounge access. 

ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card is designed for those who are inclined towards premium benefits. It not only provides reward points and fuel surcharge waivers but also offers complimentary airport lounge access and discounts on various leisure activities. 

The ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card, a top-tier option, caters to those seeking exclusive privileges in entertainment, dining, wellness and golf, along with a membership to the DreamFolks DragonPass Programme. 

To apply, simply assess your preferences, compare these Credit Card features and perks on ICICI Bank online platforms and choose the one that best aligns with your lifestyle and spending pattern. The process of application and comparison is designed to be straightforward, ensuring you can easily find a Card that meets your specific requirements. 

Taking care of ‘plastic money’

It is important to utilise ‘plastic money’ responsibly. It includes being aware of credit limitations, making timely bill payments and refraining from rash purchases. Maintaining financial discipline can also be aided by setting up spending alerts and routinely reviewing Credit Card accounts. 
With a range of features catering to various customer requirements, ICICI Bank Credit Cards are more practical and effective when it comes to ‘plastic money’. 


What are the 5 advantages of Credit Cards?

Convenient transactions

Helps to build a credit profile and boost credit score

Instant funds, whenever needed

Rewards like cashback or travel points

Safe transactions.

How does a Credit Card help to build a credit score?

Credit Cards can help in maintaining a good credit score. When you make timely bill payments, it helps improve your credit score by showing good credit management practices.

What are the benefits of paying bills with a Credit Card?

Using your Credit Card to pay bills can make it easier to manage your finances and boost your credit profile. You may also be rewarded with cashback or reward points. Moreover, it can also protect your purchases against theft or fraud. It also simplifies tracking of expenses by giving detailed statements.

What are the rewards on Credit Cards?

Credit Card rewards get perks such as cashback, travel miles or points redeemable for products and services at our partner merchants. These rewards also promote savings and better financial management.



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