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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

5 Best Credit Cards in India for July 2024

How does an add-on Credit Card work?


The Indian market is home to some of the best Credit Cards, each offering unique perks and rewards. However, this requires you to identify the card that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle and spending patterns. Remember, the right Credit Card can become a financial companion that not only suits but also enhances your spending. There are many Credit Cards catering to travel enthusiasts, avid shoppers and sports lovers etc. This blog will help you choose the best credit card in India, bringing financial fulfillment and optimal benefits. Additionally, it will cover the top credit cards offered by ICICI Bank and their features.

5 Best Credit Cards


Joining Fee

Annual Fee

Platinum Chip Credit



Coral Credit

Rs 500 + GST

Rs 500 + GST

Rubyx Credit

Rs 3,000 + GST

Rs 2,000 + GST

Sapphiro Credit

Rs 6,500 + GST

Rs 3,500 + GST

Emerald Credit

Rs 12,000 + GST

Rs 12,000 + GST

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Credit Card:

Selecting the best credit card in India is an important decision that involves a thoughtful analysis of your financial habits and personal preferences. The following will guide you through the selection process

1. Evaluate your spending habits

Take a closer look at your typical expenditure to ensure alignment with Card benefits. ICICI Bank offers a range of Cards tailored for various lifestyles - from entertainment to travel, sports and shopping preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for every user's spending habits and needs. Carefully assess your regular expenditure patterns to understand how the chosen Credit Card aligns effectively with your spending habits and lifestyle. By selecting a Card that complements your spending behaviour, maximise rewards and benefits while effectively managing your expenses.

2. Review card benefits

Each ICICI Bank Card boasts unique benefits like vouchers, cashback and discounts. Whether its travel rewards, shopping benefits or entertainment privileges, carefully examine and select based on your needs and preferences for maximum value and satisfaction.

3. Check fees and charges

When choosing an ICICI Bank Credit Card, you must be mindful of the joining and annual fee. Opting for Cards with zero joining or annual fee can help with savings.

4. Understand how to redeem reward points

The points earned on your Credit Cards can easily be converted into excellent rewards. However, to maximise the rewards and make the redemption process even smoother, it is important to understand its process.

5. Salaried individuals

Explore the wide range of ICICI Bank Credit Cards tailored to meet salaried individuals' diverse needs and lifestyle preferences. With benefits ranging from cashback to travel benefits, ICICI Bank has a perfect Card that suits every salaried individual's unique requirements and preferences.

6. Self-employed individuals

Discover specialised ICICI Bank Credit Cards, designed for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals' unique requirements and reward preferences. From business-oriented perks to personalised benefits, ICICI Bank offers a range of cards tailored to support and boost the financial endeavours of self-employed individuals.

7. Credit Score

Keep a close eye on your credit score to ensure it meets the approval criteria for your desired ICICI Bank Credit Card. Maintaining a positive credit history can unlock various financial opportunities and access a broader range of Credit Card options suited for your needs and preferences.

8. Interest Rate

Evaluate the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of your chosen ICICI Bank Credit Card to clearly understand the borrowing costs involved. Being aware of the interest rate helps making informed decisions and engage in responsible credit management practices to safeguard your financial well-being.

9.  Features

Dive deeper into the supplementary features and offerings provided by ICICI Bank Credit Cards, such as cashback, travel insurance or other exclusive benefits. By carefully examining these features, select a Card that meets your basic financial needs and enhances your overall cardholder experience with valuable perks and privileges. Explore additional privileges and perks, including airport lounge accesses, complimentary golf rounds, shopping discounts or concierge services. Taking advantage of these extra benefits, elevate your experience and enjoy added convenience, luxury and savings.

10. Customer Service

ICICI Bank’s Customer Support services, quality and reliability, ensure access to prompt and effective assistance whenever needed, to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free cardholder experience.

5 best Credit Cards and their features:

1.  Platinum Chip Credit Card

ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card is a basic Credit Card with no joining or annual fee. Cardholders can earn ICICI Bank reward points on every spend except fuel. They can also enjoy great discounts on dining, movies and more.

2. Coral Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card is designed for frequent shoppers and travellers. With a joining fee of just Rs 500 + GST, customers can earn up to 10,000 additional reward points, get a 25% discount on movie tickets through BookMyShow and INOX twice a month and enjoy one complimentary railway lounge access every quarter.

3. Rubyx Credit Card

ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card is a premium Credit Card that offers benefits such as reward points on every transaction except fuel, complimentary airport lounge accesses, fuel surcharge waivers and discounts on dining, movies, golf and more.

4. Sapphiro Credit Card

ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card is a top-tier Credit Card that offers exclusive privileges on entertainment, dining, wellness, golf and a complimentary membership to the DreamFolks DragonPass Programme. This card offers buy one and get up to Rs 500 off on the second ticket at BookMyShow and INOX, twice per month.

5. Emeralde Credit Card

CICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card is a super-premium Credit Card that offers benefits such as reward points on every transaction, unlimited airport lounge accesses, complimentary rounds of golf, fuel surcharge waivers, discounts on dining, movies and more.

A Credit Card for Everyone

ICICI Bank offers Credit Cards catering to different lifestyles and preferences. Whether you prioritise entertainment, travel or sports, there is a card tailored to your needs. Assess your spending habits, review the features and choose the right Credit Card that aligns with your lifestyle for a rewarding financial journey


1. Which is the best Credit Card in India?

The best Credit Card in India varies based on individual needs. ICICI Bank offers diverse options with perks like lifestyle privileges, cashback, rewards, travel and entertainment benefits.

2. How to apply for the best Credit Card in India? 

Apply for the best ICICI Bank Credit Card online through ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app, website or any branch. Fill out the application form, provide the necessary documents and await approval.

3. What are the best Credit Cards in India for salaried individuals?

ICICI Bank’s Coral, Rubyx and Sapphiro Cards offer benefits like movie discounts, lounge accesses that are ideal for salaried individuals.

4. Which is the best Credit Card for daily use? 

ICICI Bank’s Rubyx and Sapphiro Cards provide versatile benefits for daily use, including rewards, discounts, travel and entertainment benefits.

5. Which is the best Credit Card in India with no annual fee? 

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card has no annual/joining fee. Benefits like rewards, cashback and fuel surcharge waiver make it an excellent option.


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