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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

What is a Credit Card Billing Cycle & Due Date and Minimum Payment Cycle work?

Choosing the Best Credit Card for Your Spending Habits

7 Tips to Remember the Credit Card Payment Due Dates

Credit Cards are a convenient means to make secure cashless payments and are great for earning cashback and Reward Points and building your credit score. To have a healthy credit history, it is important to make your purchases wisely and pay your bills on time to avoid a negative impact on your credit score. It is crucial to remember your payment due dates. Missing a payment can attract late fees and penalties, negatively impacting your credit score. This makes it necessary to complete your Credit Card payment online on time. Here are 7 tips you can follow to remember your Credit Card bill payment due dates. 

1. Set up Automatic Payments  

One of the easiest ways to ensure timely payments is to set up automatic payments. Depending on your finances, you can pay a minimum amount or the full balance. Many Credit Card services offer online facilities to set up automatic payments making the process easy, quick and convenient. However making your bill payment in full is the best option.

2. Mark Due Dates on Your Calendar

Make a note in your calendar or diary to remind you when your payment is due. You can use your home or office calendar, phone or any other digital calendar. Set reminders a few days in advance to ensure timely payments. 

3. Use Payment Reminders

All the best credit card in india providers offer payment reminder services. You can receive them through notifications, SMS or e-mail. Most providers set up these reminders for customers when their cards are activated. You can also set them up to alert you a few days before the payment due date or on the due date itself.

4. Make your Bill a Reminder

Your Credit Card statement is generated each month and you can pay it off as soon as it is generated. This way you will make your payments on time. Unless you are waiting for your salary, paying your Credit Card bills as soon as they arrive is always the best option. 

5. Pay Early

It never hurts to pay your dues early. If you have the financial capacity, paying your Credit Card dues early can help you avoid late fees and interest charges. Paying early can also help improve your credit score.

6. Use Payment Apps

Payment apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and many others offer convenient ways to make Credit Card payments. You can easily link your Credit Card to the app and make payments with just a few clicks. Most Credit Card services also offer mobile apps to make the payment process seamless. You can also earn cashback and rewards on each bill payment you make. 

7. Pay All Your Bills at Once

It's harder to keep up with the due dates spread throughout the month. If you pay all your bills at once everything is taken care of for the rest of the month.

ICICI Bank offers automatic payment options to ensure timely and convenient Credit Card payments. Some auto payment methods you can avail are:

  1. Auto Debit Facility: Credit cardholders can set up an auto debit facility from their ICICI Bank Savings Account. The minimum amount due or the total amount due on the Credit Card will be automatically debited from the linked bank account on the payment due date.

  2. Standing Instructions: ICICI Bank Credit cardholders can also set up standing instructions from a non-ICICI Bank Savings Account. The Credit Card's minimum or total amount due will be automatically debited from the linked account on the payment due date.

  3. Visa Money Transfer (VMT):  The Visa Money Transfer (VMT) facility allows cardholders to make automatic payments. The payment is made through a NEFT transaction from the customer's bank account to the ICICI Bank Credit Card account.

  4. Mobile Banking: ICICI Bank Credit cardholders can set up automatic payments using iMobile Pay. They can either pay the minimum or the total amount due on the Credit Card and the payment will be automatically debited from the linked bank account on the due date.

  5. Internet Banking: Credit Card users can also set up automatic payments through the Internet Banking portal. They can pay the minimum amount due or the total amount due on the Credit Card. The payment will be automatically debited from the linked bank account.

Credit cardholders can also receive an e-mail, app and text alerts about their upcoming payment dates.


Not missing the Credit Card payment due dates is essential for responsible Credit Card management. Using any of the above tips, you can avoid the late fees and interest charges and improve your credit score. Whether you prefer automatic payments, manual calendar entries or payment apps there is certainly a solution that will work for you. Many banks offer Credit Card services like digital payment options which makes it easier to stay on top of your online Credit Card payments.


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