Fees and Service Charges

ICICI Bank ensures that you get the best Loans in terms of interest rates and other facilities. You can choose from Adjustable, Fixed or Floating Rate Loan.



ChargesMortgages Loans
Loan Processing Charges / Renewal Charges (Non Refundable) 1.00% - 2.00% of the loan amount or Rs. 1500/- (Rs. 2000/- for Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore), whichever is higher + applicable Goods & Service Tax
Prepayment Charges Nil for Home Loans and Home Improvement Loans with floating rate of interest.
2% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* on full repayment for Home Loans with fixed rate of interest.
2% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* on full repayment for Top Up loan if the applicant or co-applicant is Non Individual.
4% plus applicable taxes on principal outstanding* where loan** is given to Non Individual borrowers or with fixed rate of interest to Individual borrowers.
*Current principal outstanding and all amounts tendered by the borrower towards prepayment of the Facility during the last one year from the date of final prepayment.
**Home Equity Loan/Home Equity Enhancement Loan, Office Premises Loan and Lease Rental Discounting Loan.
Charges for late payment Home Loans : 2% per month Home OD : 1.5% of the outstanding amount subject to minimum of Rs. 500/- & Maximum of Rs.5000/-
Conversion charges for home loan Floating to Floating 0.5% of the principal outstanding plus applicable taxes
Dual fixed rate to Floating 0.5% of the principal outstanding plus applicable taxes
Floating to Dual fixed rate 0.5% of the principal outstanding plus applicable taxes
Life time fixed to floating 1.75% of the principal outstanding plus applicable taxes
Repayment mode swap Charges ₹ 500/-
Document Retrieval Charges ₹ 500/-
Cheque/AD/ECS bounce charges ₹ 500/-
Amortisation Schedule Nil
Statement of Account Nil
Final prepayment statement Nil
Duplicate No Objection Certificate / No Due Certificate ₹ 100
Revalidation of No Objection Certificate ₹ 100
Provisional Income Tax Certificate Nil
Final Income Tax Certificate Nil
Interest Certificate Nil
Change of Address Nil
Agreement Copy Nil
No Objection Certificate / No Due Certificate Nil
Administrative charges ₹ 5000 (The Administrative charges are a one-time nonrefundable charges collected by the Lender for the purpose of appraising the valuation and legal verification of property to ascertain suitability of accepting the property for mortgage and the same is independent of the outcome /result of such appraisal. Please note that the administrative charges are payable at the time of disbursement of the Facility)
CIBIL Report Charges ₹ 50
Miscellaneous charges viz. charges incurred in filing legal suit, repossession charges, Non Maintenance of Mode of Payment (NMMP) charge, pick-up charges) wherein customer requests for a pickup of the payment, professional charges for availing services of professionals i.e. title search, valuation, etc., charges incurred in SARFAESI proceedings, paper advertisement charges, auction charges for repossessed asset, security guard charges for protection of repossessed assets, yard charges for parking the repossessed asset in authorised yard, enforcement charges for availing logistical support during repossession, charges incurred in sending different notices, charges levied for deposition of cash/cheque in branches for the purpose of paying loan dues and any other charges (as applicable) that are not budgeted or specified, but are incurred by the bank on behalf of the customer. At actuals


Note :

  1. Goods & Service Tax and other taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges

Range of Interest rates for Mortgage Loans

Quarter ended on June - 2019MinimumMaximumMean
Home Loan 8.75% 12.00% 9.10%
Non Home Loan 9.05% 13.20% 10.15%



  • The range of interest rates provided above is with respect to loans to individuals disbursed during Quarter I - FY:2019-20.
  • It includes various categories like fixed rate, floating rate and is based on factors such as loan amount, customer relationships, etc.
  • It excludes subsidy, government schemes.
  • Mean rate = Sum of rate of interest of all loan accounts / Number of all loan accounts.

Annual Percentage Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualized credit cost which includes interest rate and loan origination fee.


To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator

Deliverable TypeDeliverable Processing Turn Around Time (TAT)
Welcome Letter Post Disbursement of Loan 15 days 2 days
List of Documents 15 days -
Copy of Property Documents 15 days -
Foreclosure Statement 7 days -
Amortization Schedule 7 days 1 day
Statement of Account 7 days 1 day
No Objection Certificate (NOC) 8 days (Post Loan Closure Date) -
Income Tax Certificate 5 days 1 day
Reschedulement Letter - Conversion/Part Payment (Payment through Cash) 5 days 2 days
Reschedulement Letter - Conversion/Part Payment (Payment through Cheque) 11 days 8 days
Reschedulement Letter - Part Payment (Payment through Call Centre) 6 days 3 days
Handover of Original Property documents 15 days -


Note : Except for welcome letter, the turn-around time of all other deliverables is post registration of service request. All days are considered as working days for turn-around time.