ICICI Bank Education Loan Canada Select

With ICICI Bank Education Loan, we have brought Canada closer to you.

With a growing demand for skilled and trained professionals around the world, the need for higher education has been increasing. Canada has placed itself on the forefront as one of the world’s top destinations among other countries for welcoming international students.

Offering a wide range of courses and educational institutes to select from, Canadian students can opt for their career path without limitations caused by educational expenses.

A number of Indian students opt for ICICI Bank’s iSmart Education Loans to complete their higher education dreams in Canada. The options include Student Loans, GIC and Savings Account and a University Fee payment platform.

‘Canada Select’ is the best choice introduced by ICICI Bank for students planning their higher education in Canadian colleges and universities. More than 200 Canadian colleges and universities have been listed for an unsecured Education Loan of INR 20 lakh, without any margin money, at competitive interest rates and longer repayment tenure.

ICICI Bank also offers an Education Loan up to Rs 1 crore under the ‘iSMART’ variant for studies across the globe.

Exclusive Features:

  • Funding for the top 200 universities/institutes covered with an unsecured loan of Rs 20 lakh for specified courses
  • Unsecured loan of Rs 40 lakh for select premier universities

Tax Benefits:

  • Unlimited tax benefits on interest paid
  • Savings of 4.5% on Tax Collected at Source (TCS) on remittance

One-Stop Solution:

  • ‘Hello Canada’- International Canada Account
  • ICICI Bank advantage for Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), Canada
  • Forex Card

Now, is your chance to choose the right option and fly high to achieve your dreams.

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