Investment Options


Every individual has specific needs and priorities. Your needs could vary from buying a house, providing for your child’s education, getting your child married, retirement and many more. ICICI Bank's investment services cater your all financial needs and help secure your future.

Fixed Income Products

ICICI Bank Offers you following fixed investment options to help you build your wealth at low risk with secure returns, safety, convenience & Tax benefits.

Fixed Deposit

At ICICI Bank, we offer you Fixed Deposit which is one of the safe and secured instrument to invest into. Attractive rate of returns and flexibility to withdraw funds as and when require are some of the benefits of Fixed Deposit along with ease of investment and loan against deposit. Invest in ICICI Bank Fixed Deposit and give opportunity to your money to grow.



National Pension System


National Pension System is a voluntary, defined contribution-based social security initiative sponsored by the Central Government of India. Under NPS, the savings of the individuals are pooled together into a pension fund. The funds are invested in different asset classes i.e. E-Equity, C-Corporate Bonds , G-Government bonds.


At ICICI Bank , we offers various types of bonds, which help investors to invest in the instruments having fixed maturity with regular interest over a specified period of time.


ICICI Bank Bonds
Floating Rate Savings Bonds 2020 (Taxable) – Erstwhile GoI Bonds
Sovereign Gold Bonds


Senior Citizen Saving Schemes


A new avenue of investment for Senior Citizen which ensures Safe and assured returns . The account may be opened by an individual or in joint holding with spouse.


Public Provident Fund


ICICI Bank offers Public Provident Fund scheme for salaried as well as for self employed people to encourage savings habit and provides long term investment avenue which ensures safety, convenience and Tax benefits.


Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) Account


Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) scheme launched by Government of India as a part of 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' campaign.


Investment Products

ICICI Bank offers you following wide range of investment products which may help you to diversify your investment holdings.


Mutual Fund


Mutual Funds, with their professional management through the expertise of their fund managers, are one of the best- option to meet your long term investment goals.In addition, it also bring the advantages of diversification, liquidity, convenience and tax efficiency. Mutual funds are however, subject to market risks and respective scheme documents should be referred before making investments.

Gold Monetisation Scheme


Resident Indians can deposit gold under Gold Monetisation Scheme. The deposit will be denominated in grams of gold with purity 995. The deposit will help the depositor earn interest at the rate of interest decided by Central Government and notified by Reserve Bank of India from time to time. ICICI Bank is one of the designated banks authorised to implement the Scheme.

IPO through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount)


ICICI Bank savings accounts is making IPO application a hassle-free process for you. Instead of moving out funds from your account, the amount can now be blocked and you keep on earning the interest even while you invest.

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