ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card


As you take a next leap in your life, we are pleased to introduce the ICICI Bank Student Travel Card to you. We trust that this ICICI Bank Student Travel Card will be a perfect compliment for your stay and it will help you to discover the world of infinite opportunities.

The ICICI Bank Student Travel Card can be used for paying your application fee and university fee online or by swiping your card on POS terminal and you can also manage your expenses by swiping your card on MasterCard affiliated outlets. Apart from this you can use this card for withdrawal of cash from more than 1.5 million MasterCard ATMs. We also offer you free membership of International Student Identity Card (ISIC)- Internationally valid ID proof which will enable you to gain various merchant discount offers and destination offers from your membership.


  • Fee payments through physical swipe or online - application fee/university fee/hostel fee etc
  • Manage living expenses
  • Accepted at merchant outlets, online & ATMs
  • Reload of monthly expenses by parents residing in India


  • Ready replacement card along with the Primary Card
  • Comprehensive Travel insurance
  • Real time SMS and e-mail alerts for every transaction
  • Monthly e-statement & online account management features


  • Membership of International Student identify Card (ISIC)
    • Attractive merchant discounts at over 130+ countries and 1,20,000+ merchant locations
  • Preferential Forex rates
  • Alliance offers from ICICI Bank