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A dream holiday often remains just a dream, due to the expense and effort involved in planning for it. But now you can plan for your holiday in an easy and systematic way with our Recurring Deposit (RD) in association with our partner Thomas Cook and reach your dream destination.

With this RD, you can start saving for next year’s holiday from today itself. On maturity of the RD, you get a top-up from Thomas Cook along with the RD interest from ICICI Bank to purchase the holiday package of your choice.

How it works

  1. Open an RD in association with our partner Thomas Cook
  2. Provide Standing Instructions for transfer the RD installment monthly from your Savings Account
  3. Earn interest on the RD at the applicable rate for 1 year, currently at 6.90%**
  4. Get a Top Up*** from Thomas Cook  over and above your RD maturity amount
  5. Enjoy the flexibility to choose from wide range of Indian and International Holiday Packages available at Thomas Cook
  6. Alternatively, you can choose to change the maturity instructions and move the funds to your linked Savings Account, anytime up to maturity

Here is a simple example to illustrate how this plan works:


Monthly RD instalment ₹10,000 ₹5,000
Total RD installment principal amount after 12 months ₹1,20,000 ₹60,000
Interest on RD amount @ 6.90%** ₹4,554 ₹2,277
Benefit from Thomas Cook ₹5,446 ₹2,723
Total amount which the customer can use to book holiday on maturity ₹1,30,000 ₹65,000

How to apply?


Existing ICICI Bank customers can open a Holiday Recurring Deposit in any of the 3 simple ways



1. Online: Apply online now through your ICICI Bank Internet Banking account, click on ‘Deposits’ and open your Holiday RD

imobile 2. iMobile: Click on 'Deposits' in ‘Accounts & Deposits’ and open your Delightful Deposits -ThomasCook Holiday Plan in partnership with Thomas Cook.

3. On Phone: Call our Customer Care

For information related to holiday packages, please give a missed call on homas Cook helpline no: 08655053868 or SMS EDGE TCK to 5676766

New customers can click here to get started.


*Existing users of ICICI Bank Savings Account, can open a Recurring Deposit with the same account.

**Interest rates are subject to change.

Disclaimer: The numbers and data used for the above calculation are for illustrative purposes only, original numbers may vary.

***Terms & Conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. ICICI Bank is not responsible for third party products, goods, services and offers.

****Currently available on Android only.



If you do not have a Savings account or wish to get a callback for product details, fill the form below: