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Terms and Conditions for My Goals

This product is no longer available on iMobile or Internet Banking. However, you can track all your transactions done from your ICICI Bank Savings Account on iMobile through the 'Discover' section.

In Discover section, you will be able to:

  • Track all spends through your ICICI Bank Account
  • Check your upcoming transactions
  • Spends versus Income Analysis

In addition to that, you will also:

  • Find recommendations of different products customised to your needs
  • Track your Service Requests

If you are yet to download the iMobile app, you can download at

  • ICICI Bank has entered into a service provider agreement with Yodlee ("Service Provider") for providing customers with Internet Banking facility ("User") with My Goal services ("MG Service"), from ICICI Bank.
  • The Service Provider provides the User with a software which performs the function of an aggregator ("Software"), whereby Users would be permitted to view certain of their financial information (both available with ICICI Bank by virtue of the logged-in section and updated by the User), set goals, notionally tag the Users investments with the set goals in a consolidated form in the logged-in section on the Net Banking platform of the Users account held with ICICI Bank ("Account"). MG Service only represents to the User goal setting, expense budgeting or such other facility as shall be provided from time to time at the discretion of ICICI Bank. 
  • The MG Service provided by ICICI Bank is a value added service and is for information purposes only. The User understands that the Software would permit the Users to retrieve and view their selected financial information as available at certain permitted web sites all at one platform.
  • The policies of ICICI Bank shall from time to time govern the information that the User may use for the Software.
  • However in the event there is any inadequacy in the performance of the Software, Users are requested to contact ICICI Bank so that ICICI Bank may address the issues on behalf of the Users.
  • ICICI Bank shall not charge any fees or charges for the MG Services without first intimating the User on the Net Banking platform of ICICI Bank of the same.
  • The User acknowledges and agrees that the MG Service cannot be used to carry out any financial transactions and it only aggregates / consolidates the financial information, as available and uploaded by the User, with regard to the financial relationships maintained by the User with ICICI Bank and other financial institutions for reference purposes only.
  • On using MG Service for the first time, the User shall be able to view the aggregated information with regard to the various relationships maintained by the User with ICICI Bank and additionally the information uploaded by the User for the last 90 days. The information is aggregated once in every 24-hour period and each time the User logs-in to My Goals, the aggregate information shall be updated only to that extent.
  • ICICI Bank does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations and the User of the information shall assumes the entire risk as to the suitability, use of information, results of use of information or inability to use the information in terms of timeliness, truthfulness, sequence, completeness, accuracy, reliability, correctness, performance or otherwise. ICICI Bank does not warrant that the information will be uninterrupted or free of any error, omission, defect, shortcoming or limitation of any nature. ICICI does not accept any responsibility for any errors whether caused by negligence or otherwise or for any loss or damage incurred by anyone in reliance on anything set out herein.
  • The User waives any claim, issues or complaints against ICICI Bank arising as a result of reliance upon the information provided through MG Service. ICICI Bank disclaims all or any warranties express or implied or statutory including, without limitation any implied warranties arising from the trade, usage, course of dealing, or performance or any implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose with respect to the information.
  • Neither ICICI Bank nor any of its agents or licensors or group companies shall be liable to User for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damages (including, without limitation for loss of profit, business opportunity or loss of goodwill) whatsoever, whether in contract, tort, misrepresentation or otherwise arising from the use of these tools/ information contained / data generated.
  • Amongst other financial information consolidated, the User shall also have access to details in his/her demat account maintained with ICICI Bank in capacity of ICICI Bank being depository participant .
  • Please note that market prices of the dematerialised securities held by the User are received from the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and ICICI Bank does not undertake any liability or responsibility for the details, accuracy, completeness or correct sequence of any content presented by NSE.
  • ICICI Bank shall on a best effort basis keep updating the market prices of securities held by the User. In the event the markets are closed, prices displayed shall be the previous trading session's closing prices. Every day when the User logs in to find the market prices of securities held by him/her, the previous days prices shall reflect and therefore the same would be required to be refreshed. The information is subject to change, updation, revision, verification and amendment without notice and such information may change materially.
  • The User can also view details of his ICICI Bank's loan account through the MG Service. This feature shows a User his loan amount outstanding. The loan amount outstanding represents only the principal amount outstanding on the loan and does not include applicable interest and/or other applicable rates / charges.
  • In order to give the User the benefit of viewing his net worth, options pertaining to his physical and financial assets and liabilities have been provided wherein the User can choose from the options and fill in the amounts which shall be incorporated in the total calculation of the net worth. The net worth would be a reflection of data fed by the User and the User’s data available with ICICI Bank.
  • In relation to the above clause, ICICI Bank does not undertake any liability or responsibility for the details, accuracy, completeness or correct sequence of any content presented based on such information.
  • User should exercise due care and caution (including if necessary, obtaining of advise of tax/ legal/ accounting/ financial/ other professionals) prior to taking of any decision on the basis of the information contained / data generated herein. ICICI Bank shall not be liable for any loss arising from the use of the MG Service.
  • All information contained in the "My Goals" platform is strictly confidential, and is meant solely for the selected recipient i.e. the User, and the User shall not alter in any way, nor transmit, copy or distribute in part or in whole to any other person or to the media, or reproduce in any form without the prior written consent of ICICI Bank or the relevant owner of the intellectual property as the case may be. "ICICI Bank" and "I-man" logos are the trademark and property of ICICI Bank Limited. Misuse of any intellectual property, or any other content displayed on the My Goals platform is strictly prohibited.
  • The User agrees that the MG Service are being provided to the User by ICICI Bank subject to these terms and conditions and are in addition to Internet Banking terms and conditions and any other additional terms as may be specified by ICICI Bank from time to time.
  • For availing of the MG Service, the User would be required to provide to the Service Provider such information as may be required by the Service Provider, upon receipt of which, that Service Provider would make available information from the designated web-sites.
  • By using the the MG Service, the User authorizes the Service Provider to access third party account websites designated by the User, on the User’s behalf, to retrieve financial information requested by the User; and the User hereby appoints the Service Provider as it’s agent for this limited purpose.
  • ICICI Bank does not intend to store any of the passwords of the third party websites that you would provide to the Service Provider. ICICI Bank’s general privacy policy is incorporated into, and made part of this Agreement. The User can view ICICI Bank’s Privacy Policy at
  • The User hereby represents to ICICI Bank and the Service Provider that the User is the legal owner of the account(s) and the User consents to grant to the Service Provider the power to access the User’s third party sites, retrieve information, and use the User’s information, all as described above, with the full power and authority to do and perform each and every act and thing requisite and necessary to be done, in connection with such activities, as fully to all intents and purposes as the User might or could do in person.
  • The User acknowledges and agrees that the Service Provider will be acting as the agent of the User and not the agents or not on behalf the Bank or third party and ICICI Bank will not be liable for any claims /damages arising in this regard.
  • The MG Service does not have the capability to initiate transactions affecting the Users third party financial accounts or provide notices or instructions affecting such financial accounts.
  • The User understands that there could be a possibility of other web-sites preventing the Service Provider from aggregating the information. In such an event, the Service Provider would not be able to collect and provide to the User the desired information. ICICI Bank or the Service Provider shall not be responsible in any manner for any such inability to access the desired information.
  • The MG Services may be affected by any changes that may be made by the operators of the third party web-sites. In such an event the Service Provider shall attempt to redress the problem, if possible and ensure the availability of the MG Service as soon as may be possible.