Water is one of the scarcest and most critical natural resources on the planet. We believe that managing our usage of water is key to building a sustainable future for both the planet and the country. Our water management and conservation initiatives are based on three key principles, which we term as the 3R principles – Reduce, Recycle and Recharge.

At ICICI Bank, we have undertaken concerted efforts to reduce overall consumption of water across our operations. In fiscal 2020, our water consumption at 16 large offices fell by nearly 6% compared to the previous financial year. Also, it was nearly 25% less than the benchmark set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, thanks to our sustained initiatives. The water consumption benchmark for large offices is 45 litres per person per day.

At ICICI Bank, we have installed water-efficient plumbing fixtures in all large offices covering a total area of 27.5 lakh sq. ft. We have also institutionalised a policy for installation of these fixtures and fittings in all new branches and offices. All new offices and new branches opened in fiscal 2020, spread over an area of 5.2 lakh sq. ft., have been designed and commissioned with water efficient plumbing fixtures in accordance with the ‘Green Interiors’ rating system of IGBC.

Water Consumption at 16 Large Offices

Consumption (in litres)
  • Per capita per day*
Fiscal 2019
  • 35.64
Fiscal 2020
  • 33.58
% Change
  • - 5.78

* Assuming 300 working days a year

We recycle and reuse wastewater at three of our large offices in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad with a combined capacity of approximately 1.85 lakh kilo litres per day.

In line with our philosophy of adopting innovative solutions, we have set up a unique water recycling facility at our data centre where wastewater is filtered through plant roots.

Rainwater harvesting is an integral part of the Bank’s water management and conservation strategy. We undertake this activity at three large offices in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

We have also installed a rainwater harvesting plant at the newly constructed ICICI RSETI at Jodhpur.

Harvested rainwater storage tanks (representational image)