Waste Management

Waste reduction and management across all operations is an integral part of ICICI Bank’s initiatives in managing our environmental footprint. We continuously strive to minimise the overall amount of waste that we generate and also decrease the waste that we send to landfill guided by an overarching philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

As a financial services company, we primarily generate wet waste, dry waste and e-waste and undertake several initiatives to manage it effectively.

Wet waste

We undertake recycling of organic waste through composting at the ICICI Service Centre at Bandra Kurla Complex, office at Chandivali in Mumbai, and also at our Learning Centre in Khandala in Maharashtra.


Our e-waste primarily arises from discarded electrical and electronic devices. To manage this, we undertake the following initiatives:

  • Safe disposal and facilitation of recycling of e-waste by handing over to certified recyclers.
  • Refurbishing of IT assets for donation. Over the last two years, we have donated close to 1,000 assets.
  • Reduction in usage of toners by using re-manufactured toners in printers. These toners are recycled at least two to three times.

Dry waste

Our dry waste primarily arises from paper products. We have been consistently focussed on reducing consumption of paper through a multi-pronged strategy as part of our ‘Green Banking Initiatives’. In addition, we procure environment-friendly copier paper which is manufactured from wheat straw which is an agricultural residue.