Managing Environmental Footprint

At ICICI Bank, we are committed to managing our environmental footprint in our operations. This is enabled through various ongoing efforts that involves optimising energy consumption, reducing wastage of resources and recycling and reusing wherever possible. We believe that making environment an integral part of our business operations will create a positive impact on our business considering our large and widespread operations. We work towards building and maintaining sustainable and green workplaces, pioneer the use of technology and encourage our customers to use digital channels to meet their banking requirements. We recognise the tremendous opportunity available by leveraging technology to digitise our operations and simplifying processes that help reduce our dependency on paper. Our digital initiatives help us meet our commitment for contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Building Sustainable and Green Workplaces

As on March 31, 2020, 130 of our employees were IGBC Accredited Professionals. This large number of accredited professionals is a reflection of the Bank’s commitment to building internal capability to ensure consistency and sustainability of our efforts.

Building and maintaining green workplaces is key to our environment conservation strategy. Given our large and widespread operations, we undertake multiple efforts which contribute to a sustainable reduction in our carbon footprint. Our initiatives are centred around our core ethos of reducing, recycling, reusing and increasing efficiencies. They encompass a range of operational areas that include energy conservation, increased usage of renewable energy, water management and conservation across our facilities and waste management.

At ICICI Bank, we are constantly striving to build and maintain sustainable and green workplaces that promote well-being of employees while reducing our carbon footprint.

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At ICICI Bank, efficient energy management and conservation underpins our strategy of managing the Bank’s environmental footprint. The Bank’s concerted and continuous, multi-pronged efforts have led to a consistent decline in per capita energy consumption across our operations.

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Water is one of the scarcest and most critical natural resources on the planet. We believe that managing our usage of water is key to building a sustainable future for both the planet and the country. Our water management and conservation initiatives are based on three key principles, which we term as the 3R principles – Reduce, Recycle and Recharge.

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Waste reduction and management across all operations is an integral part of ICICI Bank’s initiatives in managing our environmental footprint. We continuously strive to minimise the overall amount of waste that we generate and also decrease the waste that we send to landfill guided by an overarching philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

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Digitisation has the potential to promote sustainable business practices. For a bank, it offers opportunities to build efficiencies and enable prudent use of resources while minimising the impact on the environment. ICICI Bank has been a pioneer in digitisation and adoption of emerging technologies. Our initiatives encompass digital re-engineering of our operations that provide us an opportunity to manage our environmental footprint while creating superior and delightful banking experiences for our customers.

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