Mera iMobile Mobile Banking App

Welcome to the world of personalised multi-lingual app “Mera iMobile”. Currently available in 11 different regional languages that are Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Bengali, Assamese Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam. Mera iMobile is an easier and flexible option to use most of the iMobile services in regional language(s) with or without internet


Apart from specialised vernacular services, this app also offers some other important services like Kisan Credit Card, Gold Loan, Farm Equipment loan and SHG-Retail Loans under Cards & Loans section. The USP of this app is the real time location wise Agriculture Advisory related services it provides such as Mandi Prices and Weather information.


Customer can choose the language on “Select Language” page at the time of activation, which can later be changed to other available languages through hamburger or Agri & other services section.



Mera iMobile is currently available only for Retail Customers and offers almost 130+ services across categories.

  • Retail Banking Services: Mera iMobile offers almost 100+ regular financial & non-financial banking services like fund transfer, recharges, bill payment, general insurance etc.
  • Agri Banking: These are specialised services available under Cards & Loans section where 8+ rural banking services are offered like Gold Loan, Tractor Loan, Kisan Credit Card, SHG-Retail etc.
  • Agri Advisory Services: The prominent non-banking services section of Mera iMobile offers rural advisory services of current mandi prices & real-time weather information.
  • SMS Banking (Non-Data): This segment offers almost 17 SMS based banking and non-banking services like balance enquiry, last 3 transactions, credit card balance, send money, recharges & cheque book services. The services under this segment can be availed without internet and logging to the app also is not required.

The unique features of Mera iMobile are:

  • Mera iMobile can be used with or without internet.
  • It’s an independent app and a customer can have both iMobile & Mera iMobile installed on his handset.
  • Available in 11 languages Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam.
  • SMS based services available for rural customers such as balance enquiry, last 3 transactions, send money, credit card payment related services and recharges etc. on Activate Now and Services screen.
  • Various Farmer/Agri loan services like Kisan Credit Card, Gold Loan, Tractor Loans, and Self Help Group loan offered through this app.
  • Specialty calculators for Gold Loan & Kisan Credit Card in addition to existing iMobile calculators


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