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Wire Transfer form

Please initiate the Wire Transfer in CHF currency from your local Bank with the following information:

To: Bank Name : UBS Zurich
Field 56 Swift Code : UBSWCHZH80A
(Intermediary bank)    
For credit to: Account Number* : 02300000036549050000Y
Field 57 Beneficiary Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd, Mumbai (India)
Additional details required for crediting a Current Account:
Ultimate beneficiary: Account Number* : ________________ (Beneficiary's 12 digit A/c No. with ICICI Bank)
Field 59 Account Name : ________________ (Account holder's name)
Field 70 Brief Purpose : ________________ (Please provide purpose of remittance in brief)
Field 71A OUR : Preferred as "OUR:


Please ensure that in :

Field 59 : Beneficiary's Name, account number, and their address is mentioned.

Field 70 : Purpose of Remittance is mentioned in the wire transfer message sent by the remitting bank.

Field 71A : It is advised to get the remittances as "OUR" (in Field 71A).

Other options available for Field 71A:

SHA : For sharing the Foreign Bank Charges with the beneficiary

BEN : Complete Foreign Bank charges borne by beneficiary

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