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Credit Information Bureaus and 'CIBIL'

A credit bureau is a repository of credit information of all customers of its members, which comprises banks and financial institutions. CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited) is one such organization that collates credit information contributed by its members and disseminates it to lenders, helping them in their credit-decision-making and lending process. CIBIL houses only credit information i.e. information on loans and credit cards. It does not have any details of customers' savings accounts or fixed deposit accounts. Members share this credit information of their customers with CIBIL month on month so that CIBIL's database is updated. This information is then used by credit underwriters to make effective credit decisions.
Therefore, with proper financial planning and by maintaining a good track record of repayment of dues for loans / credit cards, you will be able to build a good credit history for yourself. This, in turn, may help you in getting future loans / credit cards easily or on better terms.

Terms and Conditions - CIBIL

Last Updated Date July 17, 2017


  • Terms and conditions of ICICI Bank and third parties apply. ICICI Bank is not responsible for third party products, goods, services and offers.
  • In connection with receiving Online product containing my credit information offered by CIBIL ("Product") through ICICI Bank (referred to as the "Agent") and delivery of the product to the Agent, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:
  • I grant my unconditional consent to the Agent to receive copy of the Product from CIBIL and use it in the manner consistent with the Agent's End Use Policy.
  • I hereby expressly grant unconditional consent to, and direct, CIBIL to deliver copy of the Product to the agent.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be responsible for Delay/Non Receipt of the CIBIL Credit Report.
  • ICICI Bank shall not be responsible for any incorrect information in the CIBIL Credit Report.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CIBIL

No. CIBIL maintains account information of various loan customers and credit card customers, whether they are defaulters or not. The information comprises their name, address, monthly repayment track record, outstanding amounts, etc.

Only borrowal accounts, i.e. those customers who have availed of a loan or a credit card from a CIBIL member are reported to CIBIL. Details of liability accounts such as savings, fixed deposits and recurring deposits are not shared with CIBIL.

CIBIL is a repository of credit information and in the consumer segment it provides information on the various loans availed of and cards held by an individual from a member bank. Its commercial report covers the credit availed of by non-individuals.

CIBIL only reports loan and credit-card information such as repayment track, loan type, amount outstanding, loan amount disbursed, various dates, etc. The report also contains a customer's personal information like name, address, date of birth, phone number(s), passport number, voter's ID number, PAN, etc. In a commercial credit report the inputs are similar but include some additional details pertaining to the commercial entity like legal constitution, registration number, etc. The credit report does not provide any opinion or comment on whether a loan should be extended to a customer. It reports the facts that its member banks and financial institutions have reported.

The credit report shows account information such as repayment record, defaults, type of loan, amount of loan, etc. of the customer. This information facilitates prudent decision-making when the credit underwriter processes the loan/credit-card application.

A customer will be able to build a good credit history by proper financial planning and by maintaining a good track record of repayment of dues for loans / credit cards.

The information is contributed by banks and financial institutions that are members of CIBIL.

Member banks contribute to CIBIL on a monthly basis data of all their customers who maintain a loan/credit-card account with them. Hence a customer's name cannot be removed from CIBIL's database.

A credit report reflects only credit information reported by member banks. Hence, details of loan applications are not available in the credit report. However, information about the number of times a CIBIL report has been generated can be obtained from the “Enquiries” section in the CIBIL Report.

Approval or rejection of a credit application depends on the bank's policies. Rejection by one bank on the grounds of the CIBIL report might not imply rejection by another bank.

According to the loan agreement with ICICI Bank signed by the borrowing customer, the Bank can indeed share the data with CIBIL.

The CIBIL report has information of loan/credit details of the borrower only. Therefore, for a retail customer, it would not matter if someone in his/her family has defaulted. If the customer's repayment track record is okay, his/her credit score will not be affected by that of his/her family members.

Customers' account information is sent to CIBIL month on month for update into CIBIL's database. It takes generally 45-60 days from the month-end to update the record in CIBIL's database.

Member banks report data to credit bureaus on a regular basis, thus in case of a delinquent customer, if a customer has cleared all of his/her over dues in the current month the repayment track in his/her credit report will be updated from current month onwards. Please note that the records for the previous period will, however, continue to reflect the past behaviour.


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