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Export Credit

Export Credit provides a solution for obtaining short-term working capital financing with internationally competitive interest rates. It offers flexibility, allowing you to opt for pre-shipment or post-shipment finance, available in both INR and foreign currency through ICICI Bank.

Types and Benefits of Export Finance

  • Pre-shipment

  • Post-shipment

  • Export Bill

  • Export LC

  • Export

Pre-shipment Finance

ICICI Bank's Pre-shipment Finance covers funds provided for purchasing, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods meant for export or funds provided for meeting expenses for rendering of services. ICICI Bank provides Pre-shipment Finance both in INR (EPC) and foreign currency (PCFC) at competitive rates, against Purchase Orders or LCs received from foreign parties. Additionally, the Insta EPC (Export Packing Credit) facility offers instant/real-time disbursement of packing credit (INR) into your operative account.


  • Quick disbursement of packing credit (INR) in a matter of minutes under Insta EPC facility
  • Competitively priced under the Bank’s 360-degree approach
  • Quick repayment, no pre-payment penalty within 30 days for PCFC & interest servicing from EEFC Account for PCFC
  • Interest Subvention Benefit available for eligible exporters.

Post-shipment Finance

Post-shipment Finance, including Export Bill Discounting, spans from credit extension after shipment until realisation of export proceeds against ICICI Bank's sanctioned credit limits. ICICI Bank promptly pays the discounted invoice value upon shipment, offering competitive rates in both INR and foreign currency, coupled with excellent service standards.


  • Competitive pricing through the Bank's comprehensive 360-degree approach
  • Swift online lodgement of export bills, eliminating the need to visit a branch
  • Interest Subvention Benefit available for eligible exporters

Export Bill Negotiation

ICICI Bank offers a discounting facility for export bills drawn under Letters of Credit, subject to compliance with Letter of Credit conditions and sufficient credit lines with the LC issuing bank. Negotiating under LC is simple compared to obtaining regular working capital limits. This facility is provided in addition to the sanctioned working capital limits with ICICI Bank.


  • Leverage ICICI Bank's extensive global credit coverage
  • No collateral or security needed
  • Improve cash flows by converting receivables to cash instantly
  • Attractive for international buyers
  • Mitigate risks from country and exchange perspectives

Export LC Confirmation

LC confirmation is a commitment from the confirming bank to pay the negotiating bank or beneficiary without recourse, if documents align with LC terms. This commitment complements the undertaking from the issuing bank, reinforcing confidence in payment security and adherence to LC conditions.


  • Mitigate credit risk, foreign bank risk and country risks in your export transactions
  • Assured payment upon presentation of non-discrepant documents
  • Independence from LC issuing bank's non-payment concerns

Export Factoring

Export Factoring enhances cash flows and secures debts by discounting export receivables. This financial tool is pivotal for businesses, progressively employed to streamline working capital funding and optimise supply chain efficiency. Leveraging Export Factoring proves beneficial for sustainable financial management in the dynamic landscape of international trade.


  • Streamline your receivables management efficiently
  • Transfer credit risk of the importer to the factor, to safeguard your business
  • Enjoy the advantage of upfront discounting on your receivables, thereby optimising cash flow
  • Benefit from the flexibility of Export Factoring without the need for collaterals or security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Export Finance

Do I need a credit facility to apply for packing credit? Are there any other requirements for approval of my packing credit?

Yes, you must obtain a credit facility with ICICI Bank.

How do I access the financing rate?

Please visit us at any of our Branches and a Relationship Manager will assess your needs and provide you with a quotation.