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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

Top Reasons Why You Must Switch To Mobile Banking

5 ways to improve the security of Mobile Banking apps

If you go a little back to 2019, you’ll find one of the digital survey reports stating that more than 5 billion people use mobile phones. Of course, the numbers have drastically increased at this point.

Given the stat, it’s not shocking that even the banking industry, which was far behind the digital race, is investing millions in developing and introducing mobile banking and mobile app services.

Despite being relatively new to the financial market, mobile banking is swiftly becoming a popular and preferred banking mode for every individual.

Now, the largest banking institutions in India are competing against one another to offer the most simple, quick and efficient mobile net banking experience to their customers. Amid these competitions, it is you the ‘customers’ who will benefit.

In today’s era of digitisation, where everything can be done on mobile it’s time to switch to mobile banking. Here is why switching to mobile banking will benefit you.

1. Sense of Authority

Do you know why so many people especially millennials have already switched to mobile banking? Because they enjoy the sense of authority it gives them.

We often find ourselves in situations when checking the bank account balance becomes essential but there’s no ATM or bank nearby.

In that case having a mobile banking app will save your day. The app will always tell you the Current or Savings Account transaction history or balance.

Plus, with the inclusion of the advanced analytical features on these apps, banking institutions can help you control your expenses by letting you know how much you spend on trips, gas, food, etc.

2. Never Miss Your Bill Due Date

Not paying bills on time has been a long-run problem due to household chores and office work that keep us preoccupied.

The best mobile banking apps are a saviour as they are well-designed and programmed to send you notifications about any of your upcoming bill pay due dates.

Moreover, these apps can also pay your bills on your behalf through the auto-debit feature. You simply have to maintain the bill amount in your account before the due date.

3. Save Money

The fintech companies and banking institutions are competing against each other to offer the best-in-class mobile banking experience and you can reap its benefits.

Given the competition, these institutions often announce lucrative deals or offers that can be accessed or claimed through their mobile apps.

From special discount coupons to high-interest rates on Savings Accounts you can get the most out of your mobile banking app.

4. Never Waste Your Time

We all know how hectic and time-consuming it can be to send money transfers from a bank branch. To stand in the queue for hours and wait for your turn can be really frustrating.

Thanks to technology and innovation, now you won’t have to waste a single second on money transfer anymore. All it takes is your smartphone, your mobile banking app and a few clicks.

Final Words

The future is all about mobile banking and it’s high time for everyone to switch to this digitised banking mode. It becomes even easier to switch and go mobile when you’re a customer of one of the best banking institutions - ICICI Bank.

Their mobile banking app is readily available on iStore and PlayStore. From teenagers to senior citizens, everyone can access it. So, why waste time visiting banks when the bank can be in your pocket? Embrace the power of mobile banking today!

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