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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

iMobile Pay For Non-Financial Services

iMobile Pay For Non-Financial Services

The powerful ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app for Android and iOS is a helpful app for ICICI Bank Accountholders. It can be used for your day-to-day financial transactions and for many other non-financial services, related to your account.

To use your iMobile Pay app for non-financial services, simply open the app on your Android or iOS smartphone and log in using your mPIN or your Net Banking User ID and Password. You’ll be directed to your iMobile Pay Dashboard, where you will have many non-financial service options to choose from. Both Non-ICICI Bank and ICICI Bank customers can use the app.

What non-financial services can be used with the iMobile Pay app?

The iMobile Pay app enables a smooth operability for many non-financial tasks. You neither have to visit the ICICI Bank Branch nor need access to a computer, to complete these transactions. You can do it on the move, using only your iMobile Pay app on your smartphone.

Listed below are some of the non-financial services, on the iMobile Pay app.

  • See and edit your personal details:

After logging in to your iMobile Pay app, you can click on the ‘Me’ tab on your Dashboard and access your personal information, like account details, relationships, change your login PIN, refer a friend, get help or offer feedback. You can also update your personal details by going into the ‘Personal/Account Details’ section and tapping on ‘Update Now’. In the ‘Personal/Account Details’ section, there is also a nifty tool where you can share your account details with anyone, in case you’re expecting a payment.

  • View Account Balance and Check Bank Statement:

You can click on the ‘View Balance’ tab to get a quick view of your account balance on the Dashboard. The ‘Statement’ option will immediately show you details of your last ten transactions. If you wish to get a detailed statement, you can click on ‘Detailed Statement’, input the period for which you’d like the statement and click on ‘Proceed’. You can also get your account statement delivered to your e-mail, in this section.

  • Manage Credit Cards and Loans:

You can use the iMobile Pay app to check and manage Credit Cards and analyse your usage. Click on ‘Cards and Forex’ on your Dashboard to access your Credit Card details. You can also use the app to block your card temporarily, if you suspect the theft of your card. Under the ‘Manage Card’ tab, click on the ‘Block Card’ option. You can also check your Credit Card statement, in this section. Additionally, you can also manage your LoanAccounts and see the Loan Statements.

  • Manage Debit Cards:

The iMobile Pay app has all your Debit Card details, like your Debit Card Number and CVV. To check your CVV, go to the ‘Debit Card’ option on the Dashboard and move the slider for ‘View CVV’.

  • Track or Stop Issued Cheques

You can also see your issued cheque statusby going into ‘Services’, then ‘Chequebook Services’, and select ‘Check the status of cheques issued’. You can also stop any activity on a cheque, by choosing the ‘Stop Cheque’ option.


With the extremely useful iMobile Pay app, you no longer need to visit the branch or even have access to Net Banking to perform non-financial services in your bank account. You can do all of the above from anywhere, at any time, using the app. All you need is the latest version of the iMobile Pay app on your smartphone, with an internet connection.



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