In the past couple of years, digital transactions and digital modes of payment have become really popular. One of the easiest ways to send money, receive money, make online purchases, and make purchases at offline shops and outlets is through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). All you need is a UPI ID, and you can make the payment using any UPI app. Every UPI ID is linked to a bank account. Thus, you do not need the recipient’s bank details, like Account Number, IFSC code etc. All you need is their UPI ID, for you to send them money.

ICICI Bank’s  iMobile Pay app offers a comprehensive UPI functionality. Using the app, you can send or receive money, make a collect request, and scan QR codes for UPI payments. You can manage all your UPI IDs and access UPI transaction history in the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app. You can also quickly check your UPI ID linked account balance quickly, before carrying out a UPI transaction.

UPI Features in the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app:

The ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app has a variety of UPI services that can be used to perform many tasks. If you are an ICICI Bank Account holder, you do not need to rely on any other app for your UPI needs, as the iMobile Pay app can be a single solution for your banking as well as UPI needs. Given below are some of the UPI features in the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app.

  • Send money using a UPI ID
  • Send money through UPI, to any contact on your smartphone
  • Send a collect request to any UPI ID. This can be used to receive funds, if you are expecting a payment
  • Scan QR Codes to pay at outlets, using UPI
  • Check on pending UPI payment requests
  • Check the UPI transaction history.

Let us see how you can check your UPI ID account balance, on the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app.

How does one check a UPI ID account balance on the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app.

Step 1: Launch the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app on your Android or iOS smartphone and log in using your fingerprint or the MPIN

Step 2: In your dashboard, tap on ‘BHIM UPI’

Step 3: You will be directed to the UPI page in the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app. You can then tap on ‘Manage’, followed by ‘My Profile’ to check your account balance

Step 4: On the ‘My Profile’ page, you will see a list of all your UPI IDs linked to your ICICI Bank accounts. The UPI check balance option is located on this page. You can find the UPI ID linked account balance, by clicking on the ‘Check Balance’ option, under the particular UPI ID. Your UPI ID linked account balance will now be displayed.

In this way, you can quickly check your UPI account balancethrough the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app, before making a transaction. For example, if you are making a UPI fund transfer and are within the BHIM UPI section of the app, you can still ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account, prior to making the transfer. For that you do not have to go all the way back to your dashboard to check your account balance. All you have to do is to follow the above steps and check your balance from within the BHIM UPI section of the ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app. 


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