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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

Why the need for ISO Certification


An International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification is a must-have for any organisation. It is a mark of quality and credibility of a company. There are different kinds of ISO 9001 certification levels based on the kind of business a company deals in. No matter how big or small a company is, an ISO certification is always an asset for an organisation.

Apart from lending standardisation to an organisation, ISO also plays an important role in its smooth functioning and efficiency improvement. Let us understand why it is needed in detail.

  1. Improved Processes

One of the first reasons why any organisation should go for an ISO certification is that it addresses all the key processes implemented across all verticals of a company. Taking into consideration the specifications mentioned by ISO, the company maintains a standard protocol of quality, which eventually helps in improving its products and services.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate objective of any organisation is to provide customer satisfaction. To achieve this, different organisations adopt different measures and one of the best ways to exemplify the same is by going for an ISO certification. Besides, some clients or customers only wish to do business with ISO-certified companies. Having this certification, therefore, helps establish trustworthiness and a professional semblance.

  1. Right decision-making

One of the most imperative attributes for any organisation is the ability to make business-forward decisions. Companies must make decisions based on analysis of the norms rather than go with their gut feeling. The role of ISO is to help a company observe the standard practices. It offers a structured framework for quality management, thus, ensuring correct decision-making.

  1. Meeting the requirements specified by the Government

Bagging a Government contract is a big achievement for any company. An organisation that wishes to apply for the same, needs to be equipped well enough to match the criteria specified for it. Government tenders usually mention an ISO certification as a qualifying criterion. Hence, having this certification makes your company eligible to apply for Government contracts.

  1. Establishing Credibility

Any organisation that wants to gain a competitive edge needs to make itself credible. Companies adopt various ways to achieve the same and one of these is to go for an ISO certification. ISO is a renowned mark of credibility for an organisation. Having this certification will automatically attract the attention of the customer and help gain their trust. In turn, it adds credibility to your marketing and advertising strategies as well.

  1. Saving on cost

One of the areas where any organisation would like to save money is the cost that it bears on rework, repair, recall of production, outdated inventory and similar quality-control issues. Besides, the loss of time and energy is always an additional cost. With an ISO certification, you end up saving on money and mirth. With the standard quality management protocol specified by ISO, there will be a lesser probability of repair and other losses, thus helping you save your capital, which in turn can be effectively used for other tasks. Having an error-free business operation method makes it easier for you to become a more efficient organisation.

  1. Empowered employees

One of the key criteria that any company needs to match to bag an ISO certification relates to the training of its staff. ISO also provides companies with the necessary tools to perform their tasks; like metrics, procedures and manuals on the right protocol. In the long term, it helps empower employees with more knowledge so they can perform designated tasks with more efficiency.

  1. Improved consistency

With an ISO certification, it has become easier for organisations to take control of their business processes. Since ISO mentions protocols that are universal for every organisation to follow, going for this certification adds consistency to business processes.

  1. Having a detailed report of the functioning of your organisation

The ISO certification requires that any organisation going for it must document a detailed process using business metrics. The objective is to have a thorough guideline for the functioning of the organisation. Moreover, this can also become a protocol for reference in the future. Additionally, it guarantees customers the credibility of the company.

  1. Achieving international quality recognition

ISO is a globally recognised quality standard and any organisation that has this certification automatically matches up to the international parameters. The protocol of quality management and production remains the same globally, making it easier for you to approach global clients. Besides, the certificate also focuses on creating lesser waste and optimal utilisation of resources.

From the above-mentioned set of benefits, it would now be easier for any company to identify how important ISO can be for them. If you wish to gain an edge in the market and establish your company as a credible institution, an ISO certification is a must.


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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago
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