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2 mins Read | 4 Years Ago

Different Types of Credit Cards Available in India and their Benefits



Today, a lot of people in India use a Credit Card for various purposes. However, not many people know that there are different types of Credit Cards, which cater to the specific needs of the people. This article lists the different types of Credit Cards available in India and their benefits.

The advent of the Credit Cards, which is also commonly known as plastic money, has made the payment mechanisms easier than ever before. It is not only a convenient way to make payments to all your online and offline transactions/purchases, but also allows you to get rid of the difficulties of carrying cash. If you are planning to apply for a Credit Card, you must first research the different types of Credit Cards and their features and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The different Credit Cards are typically distinguished based on the purpose they are designed for and the range of benefit they offer. Let us look at the common types of Credit Cards available in India and their benefits.

Co-branded Credit Cards

This type of card, as the name itself suggests, is offered jointly by a bank and an associate company. It provides many offers and deals from the associated retailers in terms of discounts and cashback.


  • Co-branded cards are accepted worldwide; it can be used to make purchases at any merchant outlets internationally and yet you can be sure that the bill generated is in Indian Rupees.
  • You get a wide range of rewards and discounts by shopping at the affiliate merchant outlets. Also, you get additional loyalty points every time you use the card.
  • If you spend a certain amount using the card, you can get free merchandise.

Travel Cards

Among the many types of Credit Cards, the Travel Credit Card is very popular, especially among frequent travellers. These cards allow the users to avail of attractive discounts on their flight and hotel bookings. Also, they reward the users with air miles, every time they use the card, which they can redeem to get a discount on their future bookings.


  • You get travel accident cover, which helps you get reimbursement for the losses you may suffer during your travel because of natural disaster or theft.
  • Travel Credit Cards allow you to shop overseas without incurring any foreign transaction fee.

Fuel Credit Card

With the rising concerns over the high fuel cost in India, having a fuel Credit Card can be a great boon. You can use these cards at various fuel stations and get an attractive discount or cashback every time you refill.


  • Can be used at any fuel station in India where Credit Cards are accepted.
  • You get reward points every time you purchase fuel, which is higher than the rewards you get using other Credit Cards.
  • Some fuel Credit Cards offer a full waiver on fuel surcharge on fuel purchases.

Cashback Credit Cards

Among the different types of Credit Cards available in the market, the cashback cards are popular and are useful for everyday shoppers who look for savings/offers on their purchase. Every time you use the card, you get a certain percent of the total expense as cashback, which you can redeem later.


  • You get extra reward points for spending on certain selected categories like groceries or drugs.
  • You get a reward point for every rupee you spend.
  • Most banks in India offer a cashback Credit Card for zero annual fees.
  • You get an attractive signup bonus point when you subscribe for the card.

Apart from the above types, other types of cards available in India are – entertainment Credit Card, lifestyle Credit Card and Credit Card for women. Apply now for Credit cards.


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