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2 mins Read | 7 Months Ago

How to Get a Credit Card Without Bank Account


Can I get a Credit Card without a Bank Account?

Credit Cards have transformed the way we make payments, both online and offline. While having a bank account can make the process of obtaining a Credit Card easier, it is not a pre-requisite. In fact, people can now get a Credit Card without a bank account, making it more convenient for those who prefer alternative financial solutions. This blog will guide you through the steps to apply for a Credit Card without a bank account, focusing on options provided by ICICI Bank.

Understanding Credit Cards without a Bank Account

If you have always wondered how to get a Credit Card without a bank account, banks like ICICI Bank offer a solution through their Credit Card programmes. The cards can be applied for, approved and used, replete with a range of benefits and the flexibility to make repayments without the need for a bank account. 

Steps to apply for a Credit Card without a Bank Account

To obtain a Credit Card without a bank account through ICICI Bank, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Credit Card application page on the ICICI Bank website

  • Enter your mobile number in the specified field and click on ‘Submit’

  • You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on your mobile number. Enter the OTP in the provided field

  • Explore the pre-approved offers available for Credit Cards. If you find an offer that suits your needs, avail it. Otherwise, proceed to the next step

  • Fill in the required details in the provided fields

  • After submitting your details, a representative from ICICI Bank will contact you to help in processing your application further

  • Once your application is processed and the required documents are submitted, you will receive your Credit Card without a bank account. 

On an average, you can get your ICICI Bank Credit Card disbursed in under 20 minutes, after 4 simple steps. 

Benefits of getting a Credit Card without a Bank Account:

  • Accessibility and Convenience: One of the major advantages of obtaining a Credit Card without a bank account is the accessibility and convenience it offers. Traditional Credit Cards often require a linked bank account for repayments and transactions. However, Credit Cards without a bank account allow you to make payments directly using the card, eliminating the need for a separate bank account. This makes it easier for individuals who do not have or prefer not to open a bank account to access the benefits of a Credit Card

  • Flexibility in Repayments: Credit Cards without a bank account provide flexibility in repayment options. Instead of relying on automatic debits from a bank account, these cards allow you to make manual repayments using alternative methods such as mobile wallets or payment gateways. This gives you greater control over your repayment schedule and enables you to align it with your financial situation

  • Improved Financial Management: Having a Credit Card without the need for a bank account can contribute to better financial management. Since the card functions independently of a bank account, you can track your expenses and monitor your Credit Card transactions separately. This allows easier budgeting, expense tracking and financial planning, empowering you to stay at the top of your finances

  • Better Offers: Getting a Credit Card without a bank account enables you to take advantage of exclusive rewards and loyalty programmes offered by other Credit Card issuers. You don’t need to open another account to enhance your spending experience and maximise the value you receive from your Credit Card usage. 

  • Building Credit History: Credit Cards without a bank account can also play a crucial role in building your credit history. Responsible usage and timely repayments can help establish a positive credit history, even if you do not have a traditional bank account. Building a good credit score is essential for future financial endeavours, such as applying for loans or mortgages. By using a Credit Card without a bank account responsibly, you can lay the foundation for a strong credit profile

  • Financial Inclusion: Credit Cards without a bank account promote financial inclusion by extending the benefits of credit to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services. This can be particularly beneficial for those in underserved communities or individuals who face challenges in opening a bank account. By offering Credit Card options without a bank account requirement, financial institutions like ICICI Bank are fostering inclusivity and enabling a wider range of individuals to participate in the digital economy.

Eligibility criteria and required documents

To be eligible for a Credit Card without a bank account, ICICI Bank sets a certain criteria and requires specific documents. Here are the details:

  • The applicant must be over 21 years of age

  • The applicant must have a regular source of income

  • A minimum CIBIL score of 750 is ideal.

Required documents:

  • Proof of identity: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter's ID etc.

  • Proof of residence: Aadhaar Card, Passport, utility bills etc.

  • Proof of income: Pay slips or income statements

  • Passport-sized photographs of the applicant.

Simple credit is always better

Obtaining a Credit Card without a bank account is now possible, thanks to the innovative solutions offered by ICICI Bank. By following simple steps outlined in this article and meeting the eligibility criteria, you can easily apply for a Credit Card and enjoy the benefits it offers. Whether you prefer alternative financial solutions or are simply looking for a more flexible way to manage your finances, Credit Cards without a bank account can be a suitable option. Take advantage of ICICI Bank's Credit Card programme and experience freedom and convenience like never before.

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