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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

How can you check your Credit Card balance and due amount?


You can buy anything beyond your purchase limit just by swiping your Credit Card. As simple as it is to get an instant access to credit, it is also convenient to check our Credit Card balance and due amount. Let’s get to know how.

Over the years, Credit Cards have been redefining the way we buy and spend. Do you also use a Credit Card often? If you are a frequent user of a Credit Card, you should know your credit limit, spend capacity and how much premium you can shell out every month. When we talk about a Credit Card balance, it refers to the current balance as well as the remaining credit limit available on the card.

Importance of knowing the Credit Card balance and due amount?

Gives you an idea of your spending limit: Regular monitoring of your Credit Card balance will keep you updated of your spending limit. Instead of exhausting the balance and going through a situation where your Card is rejected due to low credit limit it is better to check the balance every month.

Monitor fraudulent charges: You can track your transactions every month. Checking the Credit Card balance will help you identify whether any unauthorised or fraudulent transactions have been initiated using your Card.

Ways to check your Credit Card balance and due amount?

ATM branch:

You can visit any ATM to check your Credit Card balance and due amount. To know the details, you may be asked to enter the PIN. In case you don’t have a PIN you can explore other options to get the details through an ATM machine.

Credit Card monthly statements:

When the credit card monthly statements are issued online or offline, you can check your Credit Card balance and the outstanding amount due on your Card. Monthly statements can also help you know the transaction details, Total Amount Due, Minimum Amount Due, cash advance, credit limit availability and others.

Net Banking:

One of the most sought after ways to check your Card information including the balance is by logging in to your Internet Banking Account. For instance, if you are using an ICICI Bank Credit Card, you have the flexibility to check the balance and total amount due in the ‘Credit Card’ section.

Mobile Banking app:

Another easy way to check the Card balance is by using the mobile banking app. It is instant and a convenient way to get all the information regarding the Card from a single source. With the help of iMobile Pay, you can register your Credit Card details and manage your Credit Card Account, even if it belongs to any other bank.

Sending SMS/Calling Customer Care:

If you have subscribed to the Bank’s SMS services, you can send a text on the number provided by the Bank and you will get to know the Credit Card balance amount in just a few minutes. In addition, you can also obtain the balance information by contacting the Customer Care.

It is important to be aware and familiar of these processes, especially when you are using a Credit Card. All of these methods are simple and straightforward. In fact with ICICI Bank you can stay updated on all the Credit Card related information through iMobile Pay app even if you are using the Card of a different bank.

Looking to apply for a Credit Card from ICICI Bank? Click here to get started!

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