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2 mins Read | 1 Year Ago

5 Reasons Why Giving a Gift Card is the Best Present – ICICI Blog



Why is a Gift Card the best present?

Getting that perfect gift for someone is easier said than done. There are so many factors to consider – your budget, the preference of the recipient, the occasion and so on. Do you know the perfect solution for this dilemma? A simple Gift Card from ICICI Bank. On that note, here’s showing you what makes Gift Cards the best presents.

#1 The flexibility factor

The best thing about Gift Cards is that they are flexible enough for the recipient. It lets them select what they want to purchase. As a result, it takes away the anxiety of finding the right gift. And who does not want the freedom to choose and get what they truly want? It is a great way to offer a flexible gift that the recipient can enjoy.

Also, this flexibility means that a recipient can opt for an experience rather than an object. It will mean a lot to someone who does not want to purchase things and wants experiences instead. For instance, maybe the recipient wants to take a short holiday instead of buying furniture and a Gift Card can help with that.

Of course, cash has more flexibility, but it does not look as elegant as a Gift Card. Gift Cards are a great choice that ensure flexibility with grace.

#2 The undeniable convenience

Be it a birthday gift or a wedding gift, purchasing a Gift Card is a really simple and easy process. As a matter of fact, it hardly takes any effort to buy a Gift Card online. For instance, you can easily buy an ICICI Bank Gift Card of an amount ranging from INR <500> to INR <10,000> to give your near and dear ones. This convenient and easy process saves the time you would normally need to purchase a present.

#3 Easy to stay on budget

Online Gift Cards make it easier for you to stay within your budget. You will not have to spend a bit more than the budget to buy something perfect for the recipient. How many times has it happened that you went to the store to buy something within INR <500>, but have returned with something priced at INR <800> simply because it looked better?

With a Gift Card, you decide your budget and that’s the amount you spend on the Gift Card. It is a lot easier to stay within a budget because it isn’t like using cash at a store.

#4 Convenient and easy to redeem

As opposed to getting a gift and going through the hassles of returning it, Gift Cards are the easiest to redeem. The recipient can spend the amount on the ICICI Bank Gift Card in any VISA enabled store they want and buy things all year round. They can even check the balance at any ATM or online.

#5 Easier to decorate attractively

Giving a Gift Card is the easiest. Wrapping a present can be messy if you are not too good at wrapping one. A Gift Card is different. Simply slip the Gift Card in a nice envelope and write down a heartfelt note. There are separate envelopes available for gift cards as well.

Do you want more ideas? Add your personal touch by putting in a handwritten note on the envelope. It will make the Gift Card feel very personal, and finding the right present will no longer be a concern.

Gifting your near and dear ones has become a lot easier now! So, go ahead and buy a Gift Card for that upcoming occasion from ICICI Bank.

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