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2 mins Read | 2 Years Ago

How to Redeem a Gift Card – ICICI Blog



How to redeem a Gift Card?

The introduction of Gift Cards have made buying gifts from stores a thing of the past. Easy and convenient, these cards are as simple to buy as they are to use. Also, such Gift Cards come with a host of amazing benefits. So read on if you are wondering how to use Gift Cards.

How to buy a Gift Card?

Most leading banks offer Gift Cards at all their branches. Also, banks let you buy Gift Cards online through Net Banking. For instance, mentioned below is how you can easily buy an ICICI Bank Gift Card through online banking.

Step 1 -

Log in to ICICI Bank iMobile Pay app using your Customer ID and Password.

Step 2 -

Go to the Gift Card section in the app.

Step 3 -

Choose the Gift Card you want to buy.

Step 4 -

Customise your Gift Card by entering the name of the recipient. There are e-Gift Cards available as well, if you do not want to opt for a physical Gift Card.

How can the recipient redeem a Gift Card?

The best part of an ICICI Bank Gift Card is that you are allowed to swipe it at any merchant outlet that accepts VISA Cards in India. All Gift Cards are treated as Prepaid Cards and anytime the Card is swiped to buy something, the amount is automatically deducted from the fund value of the Card.

Also, you can easily check a Gift Card’s balance at any ICICI Bank ATM. If you get an e-Gift Card, you can use it at any e-commerce portal to shop. Such Gift Cards are not to be used for cash withdrawal under any circumstances. You can only use the Gift Card Redeem Code to buy an object or an experience such as clothes or travel tickets.

Benefits of using a Gift Card:

Freedom to choose -

You can use a Gift Card for any reason – eating out, entertainment, shopping or just as an alternative to using cash.

Usable anywhere and anytime -

You can use the Gift Card anytime you want within the expiry date mentioned on the card.

Getting amazing discounts -

You may get better discounts from certain brands on paying with a Gift Card.

Customisation -

A Gift Card can be personalised with the name of the recipient.

Ease of ordering -

You can buy an online Gift Card anytime you want with Net Banking. So in case you have to buy a gift in a hurry, simply order a Gift Card within minutes.

Easy availability -

It is always better to purchase Gift Cards with wider acceptance at merchant outlets. VISA Gift Cards are accepted at every VISA merchant outlet. You can use an ICICI Bank Gift Card at different merchant outlets across India.

A great option for everyone -

Gift Cards are like over the counter products. It means that you don’t need to have an account with the Bank to buy a Gift Card. All you need is to visit the branch and buy the Gift Card that you want.

We hope that the process of redeeming a Gift Card and its benefits have become amply clear to you. So now you can easily swipe your ICICI Bank Gift Card and shop as much as you want.

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